JetPeel facials promise maximum results with zero downtime. The future of skincare employs a technical upgrade that brings a light touch to ensure maximum results. And by touch, I actually mean touchless, similar to the premium car wash experience, dirt, grime and pollution are obliterated without being touched by a human hand.

So, what separates JetPeel from your mom’s basic facial? Pretty much everything! The skin experts at Hammam Spa Medical are backed by a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr Sean Rice. He’s well-versed in the most advanced techniques to keep our skin looking young and refreshed. Bahar is the medical aesthetician and operates the MediSpa portion of Bayview Village’s Hammam Spa. You’re in great hands with Bahar. She performs all the non-surgical procedures, like laser treatments and of course, JetPeel facials.


jetpeel before and after

The one-hour treatment starts like any typical facial. You can opt to wear a robe or stay in your clothing. Your decolletage is part of the program, so we suggest taking it all off!

The JetPeel delivery system is the world’s first transdermal device that penetrates deeply with no needles, no incisions, and no skin breakage. It’s also super hygienic. During a standard facial, a practitioner manually squeezes and slathers each pore. Here, a nozzle does all the heavy lifting, no human hands are actually on your face, and even the nozzle doesn’t touch your skin. There’s no chance of cross-contamination.

Purifying water is step one. Bahar says it’s like a ‘power wash for the face.’ The detoxifying water helps promote lymphatic drainage. Bahar follows a specific map of your face to ensure she doesn’t miss a spot, but also to promote proper drainage.


After a deep clean, your skin is primed for the next step. While each treatment is completely custom and designed just for your needs, there is a format she follows based on your skin type. Penetrating the skin with the next steps depends on age and skin conditions.

Backed by Xcite Tech, the same makers of the newly launched Sofwave, JetPeel pushes the expectations of what typical results should be. A specialized handpiece blasts active ingredients deep into the dermis at 200 m/s, allowing for a 1.4mm delivery!

Bahar calls them infusions. Instead of traditional facials that merely treat the top layer, skin is infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Glycolic and Salicylic Acid.

She then applies a custom Skinceutical custom mask while Cela cream is massaged into your hands. The Phyto Corrective Mask is made with calming ingredients, perfect for redness. The treatment is finished with an application of SPF. Bahar is serious about this step, “I don’t let anyone leave this room without sunscreen, my dear!”


The results last longer and are immediate, a vast improvement on typical facial treatments. Skin is nourished layer by layer. The ingredients might be the same, but the formulas are improved and the delivery is turbocharged.

It’s so customized you could go in a dozen times and still not have the exact same treatment. And that makes a lot of sense. Your skin changes so much with hormonal shifts, pollution, and stress, so why not expect your facial to adapt to your needs?


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The treatment begins at $220. Bahar incorporated a lip-plumping treatment of HA to puff up my pout. It’s amazing what you can combine using this powerful new tool.

For ageing concerns, Bahar suggests getting a JetPeel every 6-7 weeks.

For acne sufferers, she recommends sessions every two weeks and then every two months after to treat sebaceous glands.

She also warns against using retinol for at least three days after.

Jetpeel acne before and after