Northern Maverick is here to break the mold of what your typical brewpub aspires to be. Not only magnificent in size but also splendor, Northern Mav is king of Toronto gastropubs (or is it beer bistros?). Owner Jason Kaptyn isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to his first baby restaurant/brewery/retail concept. Jason has been into beer making since his twenties, and slowly evolved the idea into a full fledged 400 seat (with patio) beer lovers emporium.
With a fleet of beers, nine in total on tap, Jason’s brewery can churn out up to 650,000 pints a year, and a retail shop is all part of the action. Known for his Fake News Ale, a not so subtle mocking of the US President, Jason’s brewery has nine taps on deck, with rotating flavours and seasonal offerings courtesy brewmaster Andrew Crowder. With direct tank-to-tap lines interlacing through the airy space, Northern Maverick is bright, inviting and pleasing to the eye.

While beer is how it all began, the food menu is not to be overlooked. Looking to buck the trend and up their game, Northern Maverick brought well respected Chef Mark Cutrara to run the BOH. Food is unexpectedly original. Making a strong case for pairing beer with food rather than with wine, Mark’s team in the kitchen is compulsive when it comes to quality, go so far as to have an in-house charcuterie program, making their own bacon, and dry aging their own steaks for 30 days. Vegans and non-vegans alike will dig the artful Chef’s Local veg board, with smoked Japanese eggplant and roasted seasonal veg, dressed to kill, this board proves you can make friends with salad, or at least veggies at the very least.

It’s these sort of details that tell the greater story of Northern Maverick. The name is dedicated to Jason’s late uncle, a man who lived his whole life in the city, then picked up, moved north and never returned. Northern, for the geography in which he adapted to, and maverick, for the rebellious side, the adventure that consumed him. Jason was so deeply influenced by this uncle, and his death (he died in Jason’s arms) that he felt compelled to honour him and that connection. This brewery is more than just a new concept restaurant, it’s a love letter to someone who mattered.

But let’s get back to beer for a moment. The lager, a Vienna style with German malts has been a favourite. At 5% ABV, this refreshing beer is pretty chuggable, a good all around thirst quencher. Loftier options like the Gosezilla show the brewmaster’s skill, balancing the tartness of this hoppy beer with subtle nuances of coriander. It matched well with the spicy Jamaican Oxtail Patty, balancing out the spicy habanero-ness. Beer flights will set you back $12 for 4 x 5oz, or you can crush a pint for $8.50.

With TV’s dotting the bar area, and it’s proximity to our sport soaked city, no doubt Northern Maverick will be a perfect perch for catching the big game. Open from 11am Monday to Friday, and 10am for brunches come the weekend, this beer bistro & brewery is just the ticket for whatever the mood. With a massive private dining space over looking the bar area too, it’s not surprising to hear many couples are already starting to ask about having their wedding here. Love is in the air, or is that just the gentle wafts of fresh beer getting brewed?

Thanks Rock-It Promo for the tasting!