This week, hell, this year has been a lot. So much feels so far out of control. I keep hearing that I should practice self-care and believe me, I’ve tried. It’s hard. I feel like this year has kicked my… well, we won’t go there. This year has been hard. So I’m turning it around. No more wallowing, no more waiting. I’m actually going to practice some of that “self care” I hear so much about.  I gave myself an early holiday present and checked out that app I’ve been seeing everywhere: Noom. Yes, I am now a “Noomer”.

What does that mean? I’m not sure. There’s lots of cute jargon to wade through with this app. Noom starts with questions, LOTS of questions. I have set up and started my course, I’ve met the “Noom Method” and I’m all set to learn about the “Psychology of Weight Loss”. In addition to your weight and goals, day one is full of trivia and encouragement. My key to success: Be POSITIVE. I’m a pretty optimistic person, so… check! On a dark and gloomy day, the cheerful encouragement and interface really did brighten my day.

My goal is to get healthy. I’m less interested in weight loss and more interested in developing healthier habits (though I’d love to drop the 10lbs I’ve added since COVID). Those of you who know me know that I have been using Fitbit to track my steps and movement, but I need more. The stress of this year has gotten to me and I’m determined to push back (see, POSITIVE). I’m going to blog my journey here on Auburn Lane. You can follow me on Instagram (though fair warning, it’s mostly puppy) or pop in here and see my posts as they go up. The free ($1) trial lasts 2 weeks. How long will I last? Take this journey with me to find out. How far will I go? Will I make it to the top of that map over there? This “noom novice” is excited to find out. I’ve completed my activities for the day, I’ve connected my Fitbit, I’m on my 6th glass of water (out of 8), and I’ve logged my dinner (apparently many “noomers” don’t log). My monster mug of herbal tea should give me the rest of the water I need for today and then we’ll see what’s next.

Stay tuned for more in adventures of self-care, and follow Michelle for daily updates on her Instagram.