The first two weeks have just flown by. I’m down 2 lbs in 2 weeks and, to be fair, I haven’t exactly been super-careful. Starting this journey during the holidays was the best gift I could have given myself. It reminds me that, as much as I love the great food and yes, other treats, I also love the way I feel when I take care of myself. I meditated last night for the first time in a while. I forgot how much of an impact that has on my sleep. Even though it’s not part of my Noom journey, meditation has become an important part of my self-care routine. I’m by no means consistent. My new year’s resolution last year was to develop a consistent practice and… let’s just say it has fallen off over the last little while. I use apps for meditation as well, sometimes Calm or more recently, Headspace. I have noticed that Fitbit has some meditation as well, so I might try that too. I can’t just sit and meditate, I need the guidance. But I always feel better and more grounded after.

As for my Noom journey, I have graduated from “Noom Novice” to “Noom Apprentice” and am working my way through. This week has included a lot of behavioural psychology, including some classical conditioning tips and tricks to use. The information is easy to understand and yes, it’s still fun (or maybe I’ve just become a #NoomNerd). We’re now getting into forming habits and the first one starts with breakfast. Confession: I don’t eat breakfast — unless you count coffee (which is what I have been logging as “breakfast”). Apparently there’s science that shows that breakfast is beneficial, so I’m going to try. I do appreciate that Noom gives options for those of us who cringe at the thought of this morning meal. You can choose the size of your breakfast and it gives you lots of do-able options, including adding small sensible, snack-type bites as a breakfast. I’m going to try to have a high-protein yogurt (or maybe an egg) after my coffee as my breakfast for now and we’ll see how it goes.

egg buddies

Today is the beginning of week three and I have been put into a group with a “Group Coach”. We were asked to add a picture and introduce ourselves, so I did. I’m interested to see how that goes. I wonder if there are any other Canadians in the group or if it’s just me? The coach is from the US and I’m already jealous that she’s on a beach, lol. I miss vacations. It’s Christmas Eve, as I write this and it’s pretty rainy, but it’s supposed to turn to snow :fingers crossed: so I hope that the beauty of snow on Christmas can cheer me up out of the funk I seem to be in. The beauty of the Noom program is that it really isn’t a diet. It teaches you how to deal with life on your own terms. I love the choices and selections that I can make so that I still have the option to enjoy the foods I love and the holiday treats. I don’t have to feel guilty. I can just be accountable and work toward a more balanced approach, because who needs guilt right now? This has been quite the year for us all and I hope that, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, that you have a wonderful holiday and happy New Year.

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Photo by Fitsum Admasu on Unsplash