What a week! We’re just flying to the holidays now. I have to say I’m feeling pretty good about having a strategy to manage the holiday munchies. These past few days have been a rough go. As cheesy as it may seem, I think the cartoon optimism that Noom provides has really helped. Their cheery images and motivational sticky notes have helped me to get through this last week of work before the holidays. To say I haven’t been at my most motivated is an understatement. But, I managed to do both workouts this week (one more to go on the weekend) and, while I have blown my calories out almost every day (fried food holiday, remember?), surprisingly, I have not gained weight. As a matter of fact, I have lost about 2lbs from my starting point (though remember, this journey isn’t about losing weight it’s about self-care and being healthier – the weight loss is a nice side-effect).

Three days ago, I met my “Goal Specialist”. You start off at Noom with a NoomBot that introduces itself and tells you that you will finish a “Select Your Coaching Team” survey, which (within a few days) would match you with a Goal Specialist (presumably human). I never actually got that survey, so I responded with that info and, within a day, was matched with my specialist. Her role so far seems to be to reinforce what you learn in the lessons and to follow up with things like goal-setting. She has asked about my biggest challenge so far and responds with additional questions and positive emojis. I’m not sure how useful she’ll be, but it’s probably good to be held accountable.

In other news, I graduated Noom 101 and am well on my way through Noom 102. I have been really successful at logging my meals and snacks and I’ve managed to meet my goals of 8 glasses of water a day. Small steps, to be sure and I know it’s just the beginning, but at the end of this stressful year, it’s nice to have some new beginnings.

Stay tuned for more Noom diaries! Got a question? Leave it below!

Lead Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash.