What to be look for in the Edible world this winter

Edibles become legal on Oct 17 but that doesn’t mean anything will actually be available at that time. They will have to submit their products to Health Canada on that day and then undergo an approval and procurement process that will most likely take between 60 and 90 days. Realistically, we will be lucky to have actual product ready for the market by the Christmas season.

So, apart from the ubiquitous gummies and chocolates, what kind of innovative products can we be looking forward to?


THC Chocolates, Edison Bytes – Edison is a subsidiary of Organigram

Moncton based cannabis producer, Organigram, has done come up with really interesting- a dry, tasteless powder that is water soluble. Yup, that means that it can be dissolved into any drink, hot or cold.

Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are hydrophobic – they don’t dissolve or infuse in water, needing a fat or alcohol base, which limits the ways you can consume edibles. This new discovery will allow consumers to add THC or CBD to any beverage that they like, which, until now has been a difficult thing to do. There are other water soluble alcohol based tinctures by they generally taste terrible so, although they work, they are not enjoyable to consume.

Not only it is tasteless, their powder has an onset time of 10 to 15 minutes, compared to the standard 1 to 2 hours that it takes for the liver to process THC so that you can feel the full effects.

At this time, Organigram is still looking to partner up with an existing beverage maker to  make a ready made product that you can just grab off the shelf and guzzle. I am hoping for individual packages of 5 or 10mg each (10mg will be the limit to each serving), much like an old school pixie stick, that you can just pour into your can of Fresca but that might just be wishful thinking at this point.

I asked Ray Gracewood, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, if he had any thoughts on applications beyond beverages:

“Currently, our focus is on perfecting a powdered beverage product. It’s worth mentioning that rapid onset products are attractive from a consumption perspective, as they allow consumers the ability to have greater control over their experience, gauge effects, duration and dose appropriately. These products may reduce the risk of accidental overconsumption, which can commonly occur with traditional edible products. It allows for a more controlled, predictable experience, and that’s something our research has told us is of importance to cannabis consumers. Should the science lend well to application in other product formats down the road, we’ll explore opportunities for new product development with rapid onset capabilities.” Photo: Denis Duquette

Moosehead Breweries LTD are teaming up with Sproutly Canada Inc to develop a line of non alcoholic, quick onset drinks as well.

The difference with this product is that they are promising a quick onset of about 5 minutes but lasting only 90 minutes, more in line with the effects of smoking weed. If this is true, it’s a great option for those who don’t want to smoke but also don’t want to commit to being high for 6 to 8 hours at a time.


“As a 152-year-old company spanning six generations, we are very selective about new business opportunities. After a significant amount of due diligence on Sproutly’s APP technology and Infuz2O water soluble cannabinoids vs other competitive technologies, we are excited to announce this joint venture. With their advanced technology and our long-standing product development experience, we expect to bring to Canadian consumers cannabis beverages that address the major issues currently limiting appeal of this category in other markets; a beverage that: 1) actually tastes good; and 2) provides an immediate and controllable cannabis experience lasting up to 90 minutes.”          Andrew Oland, Chief Executive Officer of Moosehead 


They haven’t released any more information about when and where this infused, non alcoholic line of beverages will be available, but hopes are high. Get it? Hopes are high.


Canopy is planning a line of cannabis infused juices and other alcohol alternatives as well as a low calorie, premixed drink a la Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

They are also planning on bringing chocolate back to  the town that was once the candy bar capital of Canada with ethically sourced, high end chocolate products. Canopy’s Smith Falls facility used to be a Hershey’s Chocolate factory, so it’s all coming full circle.

“I would really like to have a Tweed and tonic for Christmas,” he said. “If not Christmas, for sure, New Year’s Eve party.                                             Bruce Linton, former Co Chief executive officer and founder of Canopy Growth Corp.

Lastly, Hexo has partnered with Molson Coors Brewing Co for joint venture called Truss. They will be offering a variety of cannabis infused, non alcoholic beverages but no word on whether they have come up with anything to rival Organigram’s 15 minute onset THC or Moosehead/Sprightly with their promised 5 minute onset/90 minute high.


For now, it’s a lot of talk, a lot of speculation and rumour so we will all just have to wait to see what the legalization of cannabis edibles will bring us but I predict a very, very Merry Christmas.