In a newly launched campaign, Lush is hoping to support Indigenous communities under threat. It’s no secret that women and children bear the brunt of economical turmoil in relation to land disputes and climate change. Lush’s direction of money raised in the creation of the campaign, titled “Land Defenders, Water Protectors” marks a new chapter of change for the UK company.

This River I Step In, Is not The River I Stand in



To raise awareness and much-needed funds, Lush created the Guardian of the Forest Bath Bomb. Its goal of raising $350K is a bold one. 100% of the purchase will support the struggles of Indigenous communities whose land is under threat from deforestation, fossil fuel extraction, privatization, and land and water grabs.

Wisely, Lush is in partnership with dedicated organizations. Both Indigenous Peoples Rights International (IPRI) and The Blue Planet Project (BPP) are lead partners in this important project. To promote and share its goal of raising money, Lush has released a documentary titled Water has a Memory, featuring Casey Camp-Horinek. The actress, and activist, is standing up for Indigenous rights, defending water and land.

Hailing from the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, Casey is a tribal Elder and Hereditary Drumkeeper for her community. This video focuses on her commitment to drawing attention to the ‘oligarchs of oil’ who continue to punish and exploit her lands, where her family has lived since the 1880s.

Fracking led to the demise of her surroundings. She documents the destruction in this powerful documentary and the trickle-down effect on her people.

Lush’s bath bomb features oakmoss and cypress oil, uplifting and nourishing, a reminder of Earth’s gifts and our responsibility to atone.

This isn’t Lush’s first partnership in eco-friendly product launches. Read about their bee-positive initiatives here.

Product image courtesy Lush Cosmetics.

Lead photo by Libby Roach.