Having little fun here to celebrate National Pet Day (April 11)! Netflix has recently released some pawsitively interesting findings on a recent survey of just who our purr-fect binge partners really are. You know where we’re going with this, right?

According to a new survey by Netflix, when it comes to watching TV, most Canadians (61%) think their furry friend are some of the best binge partners. Just think about it…they’ll watch whatever you want to watch. They won’t talk through a whole show. Our pets won’t sneak and jump ahead in shows or judge your choices.

The results from the survey are fun to go through. What surprised us in the results was how 1 in 6 pet owners bribe their pets with treats to watch together and how 44% of the owners will change seats to make their pets more comfortable. But we’re not judging! We love our mush balls too!

Now, we want to know…who’s set up their pet’s own profile on their account? Apparently 35% of bird owners have a separate profile for watching Netflix, while only 18% of dog owners and 16% of cat owners have done the same.

And what are the most popular shows humans watch with their pets? Dog owners are more likely to choose comedy like Big Mouth and Trailer Park Boys. Cat owners prefer action series like Jessica Jones. And bird lovers? They’re really into Riverdale. But the one show everyone can agree on is Stranger Things!

Happy Pet Day to you and your furever friends!