We’ve all heard the term “clean beauty” or “green beauty” and it all sounds like we should be switching. Truth be told, many just assume that if we see these words slapped on a label, then it must be good for us. However, most of us don’t dig deeper to learn what this all means. Did you know that not all clean beauty products are equal?

Last Fall, I was introduced to Jodie Pappas of Clean Kiss Lifestyle. She’s not only has spent the time and energy to create a beautiful line of skincare products but she takes it a few steps further by offering her customers education and research that goes into her products and answering all their questions. But wait, there’s more…Jodie believes in a whole refreshing approach to skincare for any age — but in particular pro-aging. That thinking turned my head.

Everyday we are bombarded with “anti-aging” messaging on television, magazines and social media platforms. Filters on social media are commonly used to erase wrinkles, smooth out our skin, and make us look 10 years younger than our real selves. Even 20 somethings are using them. Why are we so afraid of looking our age? Jodie has been helping women shift their mindset by taking care of ourselves (inside and out).

I had a chance to chat with Jodie more about why this is such an important discussion to be had as well as helping us learn more about clean beauty.

We’ve heard so much about avoiding the “dirty dozen” when it comes to “clean beauty” what can you tell us?

The dirty dozen* is a list of ingredients that need to be avoided for optimal health and longevity. Can you ever avoid these 12 toxins 100% of every minute of every day? Probably not. But if you are making clean conscious choices on what products go on and in your body, you will be making healthier choices for longevity. Learning to read ingredient labels is a key first step for the average consumer to get educated on. There are some great resources and apps that can quickly tell you if an ingredient and/or product is safe and clean. Two of my personal favourites are the EWG Skin Deep database and madesafe.org. You can get the apps on your device and use them on the go.

What has surprised you the most when speaking to women about all-natural skin care?

Women are still surprised that there are so many toxins in mainstream skincare, cosmetics, sunscreen and hair care. While we have come so far in sharing information about the “dirty dozen” there is much work yet to be done to educate and to impact regulatory change to the personal care industry. The EU is much further ahead than we are and I welcome stricter legislation like theirs around product labeling, disclosure, health claims, and health warning labelling.

Secondly, women are surprised that natural products can actually be just as high performing as their “professional” grade skincare. Of course natural ingredients are still active botanicals and they need to be used and treated with care and caution. You can get incredible results that prove your skin can be healthy, glowing and well-nourished with natural skincare products.

What also has surprised you about women, particularly mid-age women, and their mindset when it comes to beauty?

I have found there are two types of women: First there are those that obsess over the fact they are aging and spend thousands on wellness trends, skincare promises, nutritional supplements, injectables and fillers, diets, and a lot of their mental energy to chase their youth. The second type I encounter are those that may feel like they have lost their mojo and motivation. They have maybe gained weight, stopped going to the gym, feel incredibly stressed being caught in the midst of aging parents and teenagers, gave up trying to eat healthy or care for their personal well-being, maybe in a career that doesn’t feel satisfying. The last thing they feel is “beautiful”. I am on a mission to create the third type of woman: that which embraces and radically accepts their age and feels confident in their skin. I believe that every woman, including type one and two, can be type three and embrace Pro-aging.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Clean Kiss sources from a local Canadian distributor who does the legwork to source high quality, ethically sourced ingredients from around the world. I trust their sourcing because it ticks all the boxes for natural, organic, eco-certified, fair trade. For example, they are part of the World Shea Alliance which is a woman-centric company that employs over 16 million rural African women that produce shea butter ethically. This is an important part of my sourcing decision to know where the ingredients come from and knowing they are sourced ethically and fairly.

Does one have to use the entire line together to see the benefits?

No, definitely not, you can get the benefits from all Clean Kiss products independent from each other. Our products do work optimally together as they cover all of your skincare needs but you will still see results using our products in part or a la carte.

Clean Kiss is more than just skin care, you’ve launched a pro-age beauty program that includes discussions on lifestyle, and mindset — which I’ve participated in. It was super! Why did you decide to offer this program?

I realized something was missing in the beauty and wellness industry as a whole. I heard from women that they felt they didn’t fit as a “traditional woman” as portrayed by the beauty industry. They were not being represented, nor heard. This became even more prevalent and problematic as they got into middle age. They felt even more marginalized and irrelevant. While our society seems far more diversely represented now than ever, it still seems that ageism is only starting to be addressed in the beauty industry. Pick up any magazine and see how many times you can read the words “anti-aging” to prove this point.

Furthermore, as a woman in midlife I have also personally struggled with the changes to my body, skin, hair and mostly to my own mindset. Once I was able to fully embrace my age, accept the changes I am going through, and to know that my worth in society isn’t defined by my looks nor by my body, I know I am far healthier mentally (and physically) as a result. I want other women to experience this too. To feel the freedom that goes along with radical acceptance. This freedom requires a mindset shift away from an anti-aging mentality towards a pro-aging one.

Any myths about pro-age beauty products you’d like to bust ?

Pro-aging beauty products can and will help you reach your goals of having healthy, nourished skin. You don’t need to be buy anti-aging products and promises to get better results. Our goal with our products is to help you age appropriately and in a clean, healthy way.

What’s your winter line up?

It’s all about Restore and Relax for the winter season! In the spring of 2022 we will be launching some new deodorant scents so watch for that!

Jodie is offering a FREE 4-day “lunch and learn” Pro-Aging Power mini-course this week. What I love is she offers the sessions in a safe and  private Facebook group where you won’t feel judged or in the spotlight. Here is the link to sign up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/proagingpower

What you can expect from the FREE 4-day Pro-Aging Power Mini-Course?

  • Mindset work to establish where they are at on their pro-aging journey
  • Re-connecting with their body by understanding gentle nutrition vs. diet culture
  • Finding more gratitude in the aging process, changing body and skin
  • Recognition of positive vs. negative thoughts about aging both within and externally
  • Science of skin biology (Skin 101) to understand how to treat aging skin
  • Identifying clean vs toxic skincare
  • Simple steps on how to use skincare products in a ritual
  • Nutrition basics for glowing skin (that doesn’t include dieting or “food rules”)
  • Knowing how to “build a plate” of foods to make you glow
    FREE prizes daily
  • DOWNLOADS: Quiz, Mindmap, Pro-Aging Guide, etc.
    Community of support

Link here to learn more about Clean Kiss Lifestyle and beauty/skincare products. 


*If you want to learn more about the Dirty Dozen in beauty and skin care  products, check out David Suzuki’s site to learn more: link here