Running isn’t for everyone. But it can be, at least that’s the philosophy at Myodetox. The popular physical therapy brand aims to support bodies of all abilities through various programs, available at an impressive 14 locations in Canada and the US. Celebrating its latest opening in Liberty Village, Myodetox is at its core your best training partner and wellness coach.


myodetox jon chow running tips
The 2,300 sq ft space features 8 treatment areas with 3 private rooms, a fully-equipped training gym

As a former avid runner, I can attest that injury is almost a badge of honour. After completing several races of varying distances, including four half marathons and the Nike 15K, it’s not the races that are hard, it’s the training. After breaking my SI joint in 2018, my runs are now a fraction of what I used to accomplish. Oh, how I wish I knew about Myodetox in my heyday.

The multi-faceted team delivers performance improvements across four key cross-components: Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Pelvic Health Therapy and Chiropractic. The synergy of these tools is obvious. Our bodies are conditioned to perform at their best when everything works together. The team’s expertise across these four disciplines provides an all-in-one solution for whatever is bugging you.

Instead of translating your injury to all your practitioners, this team works in tandem. The broken telephone of injury woes is solved with one file, in one place. One team, one dream.

myodetox jon chow running tips
Exercises are part of the ideology of exploring a pain-free sport-filled life


Part of the massage therapy team, Jon Chow has been leading local run clubs for warmups and cool-downs and believes that Toronto’s running culture is world-class. As an On running ambassador Jon knows first-hand the ups and downs of prepping for that big race.

It’s important that your warm-up looks very similar to what you’re about to do. This translates to everything. What does your exercise look like and what does your movement look like, how do we prep your body for that?

Jon Chow, RMT, Myodetox
myodetox jon chow running tips
Jon Chow at the Liberty Village location of Myodetox

He stresses the importance of yes, warm-ups and cooldowns but also rest and recovery days. He’s also a huge proponent of strength training. Movement throughout life is a gift.

I treat a lot of marathon runners and casual runners, and it’s the same, they realize that maintenance during a training cycle of running is something a lot of people don’t really talk about. It’s all distance and strength, where’s the recovery? In order to hit those distances and strength benchmarks you’re essentially putting your body through the ringer. A lot of people fall off the training as it’s too difficult. Their body takes a beating and their training is pushed back. But the race day is the same.

I place a lot of emphasis on making sure the body is operating properly. Always emphasizing rest and recovery.

Jon Chow, RMT, Myodetox
myodetox jon chow running tips
Jon Chow makes rest and recovery days damn near mandatory


Not sure where to start? Myodetox also offers full-run assessments, a great first step in any training program. With locations all around Toronto, and in Calgary, Vancouver and Markham, find a recovery house near you:

Next month, we’re talking about the dreaded Black Toe, shin splints and more aggravating run injuries, and how to prevent them from the start. Stay tuned for more with Jon + Myodetox next month.

Interview may be edited for length/clarity.