Muse Movement lives up to it’s name, movement. Yes, your limbs will rotate, flex and likely tremble, but the movement is far more reaching than just shifting around on your mat. Owner Keri O’Meara strives to make the workout balanced- yes you work your core until it’s taut(ish) but you also learn a ton about your own body, how it works and how to make it work more efficiently to boot. As a former runner who’s working that rehab, Muse Movement has not only helped me build back up strength, but also how to obstain from injury.

Alwynn Taylor

The welcoming, bright studio on Shaw by Queen West is housed in the important Artscape Youngplace building, a feel good community building that shares it’s space with artists, schools and a cafe. Located on the second floor, Muse Movement’s space is flanked by huge windows with soaring CN Tower views, a perfect and fitting backdrop to Muses’ philosophy ” You will leave the studio taller, more grounded and connected to core”.

Row of Reformers

Offering Pilates classes throughout the week is at the core of their expertise, but Reformer classes and workshops are also integral to their practice. Yes, the teacher leading you through your practice also teaches the teachers, industry pros and beyond. Using props to engage specific muscle groups through a sequence of movements supported by Jospeh Pilates, what starts out as fairly reasonable to execute escalates quickly- precisely the small movements that whip muscles into submission and net the best results.

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But what I like the best about Muse is the vibe- the classes are led by instructors who don’t take themselves too seriously. Humour is injected throughout the class, so while it feels like you’re getting a very solid workout in, you also feel like you’ve just spent an hour with friends, yukking it up and boosting not only your physique but your mood too. The music echoes this sentiment, their playlists (available on Spotify) are engaging, upbeat and meant to repeat, just like the classes themselves.

Keri O’Meara

Find out more about Muse Movement and class schedules here. Huge shout out to the Muse Movement team for showing me the ropes!