No one else has a busier holiday season than Mrs. & Mr. Claus. As they gear up for the big day they also have many events and appearances to tend to including the 119th Original Santa Claus Parade in Toronto. Their calendars are also full with meet & greets at the malls and parties. Of course they also have a full on toy workshop to oversee and reindeer to care for. So, just how do they juggle it all year after year? We met up with the celebrity couple recently at Santa’s Secret Workshop in Toronto where final touches were being made to the most exciting parade floats!  We asked Mrs. C for her best self care tips for her, and what helps her get through the demands of the holiday season.

Santa Claus Parade - Toronto

Mrs. Claus mentioned that she’s been actively working with Santa for over 600 years. “I really never went with him prior to that. I really had to stay at the North Pole and manage everything there.” But now, she tells us with technology they can manage things more efficiently while both being out and about ahead of Christmas Eve. “When you see my float at the parade, it will give you an idea of what the North Pole Command Centre looks like. It’s pretty amazing!”

But it must be exhausting! Yet, Mrs. C always looks calm, refreshed and unhurried. What’s the secret?  “It’s so important for me to take care of both physical and mental health,” said Mrs. C (yes, we’re on those terms now).

She strongly recommends taking time to do small things every day. “Take a walk! That’s a big stress reliever. Right after dinner each night I’m out for a walk with a few of the elves. I also help clean up the reindeer stalls as a collective activity with everyone,” said Mrs. C.

Ah yes, a collective activity can help boost your energy levels! “Yes, and I also try to be careful about the food I eat – but hey, I had a donut today. I love sprinkle donuts but I can’t do that every day, right? Once in a while is okay.”  She also mentioned that she gets her daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

“I do ask myself, ‘what can I do to manage my stress?’ I think that is different for everyone. It’s important to explore and find out what that special activity is for you. And remember to take at least 5 minutes out of your day to do something just for yourself. I have a few things that I love to do. A few deep breathes, reading, or connect with close friends and family can help de-stress.  Make sure you have “go-to people” to just talk things out with. I have a few go-to elves I can rely on. Also, when I have a problem I don’t let it get too much into my head. It’s good to quickly talk to someone you can trust.”

Santa Claus Parade 2023 Sonya

Secret Baking Tip!

Baking is a favourite activity of Mrs. C’s. “Oh, yes, it’s a great stress reliever. Speaking of, you know Santa’s favourite is my gingerbread cookies, right? Well, my secret is I use fresh ginger! It’s a traditional family recipe. But wait for it…I also use oat milk. Santa can’t even tell the difference. Because we live at the North Pole, cow’s milk isn’t exactly plentiful. We also try to grow what we can in greenhouses to try and keep our costs down. There’s just something so rewarding about growing your own ingredients and we are so appreciative of what we have.”


We couldn’t help but notice Mrs. C’s glowing skin!  We wanted to know what her secret was to looking so fabulous under pressure.

“Oh, yes I’m glad you noticed! It really goes back to your first question about self care. I believe how you’re feeling on any given day really reflects and shows on your skin. If you’re feeling tired your skin will look tired. Of course, I use SPF50 everyday on my skin even at the North Pole all year round. I’m also very careful about having some protective cream because it can get pretty windy up there. So, I use it especially on my face, lips, and hands where there’s more exposure to the winter elements. Luckily the skin care brands are coming out with better products with better ingredients. I love the mini versions that I can carry around in my pouch too. They just make me feel good.”

Santa Claus Parade 2023- Toronto

Anything you’d like to tell the families that plan to come out to watch the parade in person or on television?

“Yes, we can’t wait to see all the smiling faces in the crowds and don’t forget to write your letters to us. Santa and I truly love all the kind words and pictures,” said Mrs. C.

Santa Claus Parade 2023- Toronto

The 119th annual Original Santa Claus Parade in Toronto takes place on Sunday, November 26 (in-person). It is considered the world’s largest Christmas parade and the longest running children’s parade. This year, we can expect to see 27 beautiful floats including Mrs. Claus’s new North Pole Command Centre, a new Mother Goose float inspired by the iconic Canadian goose. There will also be an Indigenous Creation Story float, a new Toronto Caribbean Carnival float as well as a new Pride Toronto float. We’re also told that Santa’s float is being beautifully reconstructed with newly animated reindeers.

The parade will also be broadcasted on television on a later date. Follow their social media platforms for details.

Santa Claus Parade 2023- Toronto

Note there is a slight route change this year. See their site for full details here. 

Be sure to dress for the weather and some change for a squishy red reindeer nose! They will also be accepting new and unwrapped toy donations at Queen’s Park. The 119th Original Santa Claus Parade happens rain or shine (and definitely snow).

Thanks to Mrs. & Mr. Claus for inviting us into your Workshop space and for the sneak peek at this year’s floats!