Grounded Coffeebar is now open at the north end of Toronto, tucked in at the top of the hill, south of York Mills. Formerly occupied by a drycleaner, this inviting and warm space breathes life back into this land north of Lawrence, a pocket that has witnessed several restaurant closures recently. The space features a counter bar for Yonge Street people-watching and a cozy fireplace for winter (or late March, gah!) warm-ups.

grounded coffeebar
Owners Jess and Monique Mantella


A perfect perch to chase De Mello grinds is one thing, but home-baked goods help round out the offerings at Grounded Coffeebar. Boasting savoury Gryfe’s bagels and a smorgasbord of sweets, the menu checks all the boxes. I love that they’re proudly serving local beans and Mom baking fresh batches of scones and cookies is nostalgic hit of tenderness Toronto is so desperate for.

grounded coffeebar baked goods


Alternative milks and standard double-doubles, the variety is on-point and the coffees are spot-on, served beautifully in gorgeous clay mugs. A not-too-sweet Oat Matcha Latte is a perfect match to a Butterscotch Chip Cookie. Sonya (lead photo) sticks to the basics, and shows off her ability to tolerate dairy with a standard Latte, balanced by a fluffy Blueberry Scone.

grounded coffeebar latte


The mass exodus of Starbucks leaving the city is a sure-fire indicator that our habits and routines have shifted during this pandemic. But businesses like Grounded Coffeebar aren’t just selling coffees, they’re functioning as neighbourhood community hubs, connecting us with one another with a shared interest. The Mother-Daughter relationship only adds to this overall feeling of being part of something, even if you just moved here. Basically, we all deserve something beyond double-point star days, consider this spot your new gateway to goodness.

grounded coffeebar

All images by Libby Roach.

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