Melanie Auld Jewelry was new to me. I am always getting invited to check out new shops, salons, products and spas. It’s true, we are often gifted things but it’s not often that I then go back and buy a bunch of stuff. Melanie Auld was one of those places. After going to have a look at her new collection, I am now a devoted customer.

some of my favourite things from the newest collection

Full disclosure here. Everyone who attended was gifted a welded bracelet and either a necklace or a pair of earrings from her newest collection. I chose a gorgeous, delicate white gold chain with a bar (#7) for my welded bracelet. I was immediately in love because I am already one of those people who never take off their favourite pieces. Now I have a chain permanently on my wrist??? TAKE MY MONEY

Welded Bracelets, Hello

This is going on the top of every gift guide i write for the rest of my life

Her brand was founded in 2013 with online sales but Auld’s first shop didn’t open in Vancouver until 2019. The brand was the end product of years of spent traveling and taking metalsmith classes. Auld had found her passion in making fine and demi fine pieces of jewelry. Her Toronto store on Ossington followed this year. The front of the shop is retail while the back contains a bracelet welding stations, an engraving station as well as a piercing room.

The shop, itself is beautiful. It’s very feminine and inviting. I love that I felt welcome to touch things, to try them on and everyone who worked there was very helpful. Everything there was absolutely my style. Lots of delicate chains and charms, meant to be layered, beautiful rings and earrings to suit every taste.

More Treats For Me

So, after I got home, I continued to swoon over my bracelet and my Navona Necklace in gold vermeil from the new collection. I spent the afternoon thinking about the tiny, sterling silver pave letter C charm that I was eyeing. Why didn’t I just buy it when I was there? I have been wanting one for ages but they are never right. Some are too small, others are too big but this little bear finally found one that was juuuuuuus right.

how cute is that evil eye ear cuff??

Within an hour of being back home, I ordered the charm, a silver chain and threw in an Evil Eye ear cuff in gold vermeil for good measure.

this was the sparkly C of my dreams

If you are looking to buy a gift or to treat yourself, you will definitely find something at Melanie Auld. And how fabulous is the idea of a welded bracelet? Perfect for a really special gift, for couples or bffs to share a connection. Instead of getting matching “live/love/laugh” tattoos, take your bridesmaids here to get matching welded bracelets and then take them out for dinner and drinks. They will thank you for it five years down the road.