McEwan has recently opened their long-awaited One Bloor East grocery emporium. This marks the third location for Mark McEwan, the Top Chef Canada judge, renowned Chef/Owner of some of Toronto’s finest restaurants, and a silver fox in his own right. We’re allowed to say that, right?

The Carving Station

Parceling many of his culinary flagships under one roof, McEwan is stocked with familiar favourites like an in-house Fabbrica, a bakery backed by Le Dolci cakes and Blackbird Baking Co. just to name drop a few. Sure, there’s groceries and produce and even some cleaning products if you wanted, but mostly Mark is tempting you with a massive spread- hot curries and soups, a carving station, salad bar, fresh baked bagels and a full espresso bar, pierogis and other ready to go comfort foods. Salads and signature McEwan goods, like fancy cut produce and ready to heat healthy meals make this grocery store a glorified food hall- the only thing missing is a bar.

Le Dolci Cakes

From morning to night, this safe haven from the ho-hum food choices on the surrounding Yonge Street corridor (I ran outta fingers to count all the Starbucks on) proves that quick and easy can still be delicious and accessible. There’s heaps of tables scattered throughout, cozy two tops and people-perching high tops dot the dining space.

Bagel Bar

Blackbird Breads

Case after case of treat yo’ self goodies prove Mark’s food porn game is strong. He’s maximized on the space, providing condo residents and office workers alike respite from cooking for themselves. Gourmet goodies, with a strong selection of sustainable and locally sourced goods take the guess work out of sourcing the best- Mark’s done all the digging for you.

Oh, and produce too

High quality proteins, dry aged in house are a crowning achievement. Sustainable seafood finds come fresh and wisely wrapped in family, or solo packaging. Sous-vide friendly packaging means there’s no dumbing things down- McEwan knows their clients are not your average foodie.

Picnic Ready Finds

Meat Market

Sloane Teas

McEwan located at 1 Bloor Street East and is open Monday to Sunday, check their site for the full up to date hours.