Mother’s Day traditions offer a personal tribute to mommy dearest, and while most of us will be getting macaroni necklaces or bouquets of roses, there’s a flower that your mom (or you) may be hoping for instead. It’s green, smells funky and grows like a weed, yes, you guessed it- it’s actual weed. Studies are out, and with legalization impending, many women are shunning the bottle, whether it’s prescription drugs like Prozac or the socially acceptable vodka sodas for something less destructive- cannabis.

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The optics of consuming marijuana, the stoner stigma, is gradually fading, leaving a new light on the power of cannabis as more than just a munchie maker- marijuana’s benefits have long been known, but now, are finally celebrated, and that is largely due to the ‘girl gang‘ leading the path, women who are excited to share their vision, and how they use cannabis as a cure for more than just boredom.

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We spoke to Chef Ronnie Fishman about from Hempster about how to curate the best ‘elevated edibles’ experience.
Libby Roach- Smoking is a favourite pastime of many marijuana partakers. Edibles change the platform completely.
Ronnie Fishman- Edibles aren’t just desserts, we should be treating cannabis as an ingredient, like anything else. We should be finding ways to enhance the flavour, instead of hiding it. So I match the terpenes in the strains that I’m using to the food that I’m making. So if it’s got limonene terpenes, I’m using citrus, if it’s got myrcene, Bay leaf would be great or maybe some parsley. It’s about playing with specific strains and making sure the food tastes good and dosed safely.
We at Hempster have an edible dosage calculator. It’s simple math, if you use a 10% THC strain, and you use our recipe, you would get a 10 mg dose. Going from there you can make adjustments.
In order for cannabis to have the effects (THC) you need to cook it, it needs to burn, like smoking. I toast it in the oven, a method called decarboxylation so I do that, make the oils, and use the oils to cook with or infuse with. I see this often on TV, people using raw weed in the food, you’re not going to get many effects from that. But by cooking it, you’re amplifying it.
LR- And how do you choose which flower to use for when?
RF- Me personally, it depends on time of day determines what strain to use, I use infused meals for lunch or sometimes breakfast, so I would use a sativa or sativa heavy hybrid, right now I’m doing a 1:1 Penelope from Tweed it’s one of my faves, you don’t get too high, but you get on with your day. I have anxiety, so for me to do this kinda stuff I need it! I compare it sometimes to wine pairings, I want to make sure everyone is enjoying delicious food but also understands that cannabis is in it.

Decarbing- The first step

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