Being home now for a year has given us the time to explore and reconnect in the most interesting ways. We have friends that have decided to embark on updating (or even starting) to map out their family trees. Myself included — I had completed an kit a few years ago and discovered new relatives from all over the world. I also discovered that part of my family’s history stems from Polynesia. So interesting! Even in recent weeks, we’ve had a mind-blowing connection made with my husband’s family and someone I went to high school with which just added a significant branch on his tree. Turns out their great, great, grandfather (maybe one more great in there) were the same person! As we piece everyone together and update the family tree we’ve all found this new found discovery to be a fascinating activity for these pandemic times.

Discussing family history and stories from the past also helps us feel more connected to our family and helps older relatives in times like this feel more connected to younger generations. But how much do you know about your family’s past? Genealogist and family history expert, Lesley Anderson offers up 12 questions that will help people learn more about their family history.

12 Questions to Ask Your Family:

  1. What are your earliest memories?
  2. What do you remember about your grandparents, aunts and uncles?
  3. What were your parents like and what are your clearest memories of them?
  4. What memories stand out from your school days?
  5. Who were your best friends in childhood and what did you get up to together?
  6. Who was your first crush or first love, and what can you remember about them
  7. What do you remember about your first job and what was it like doing what you did for a living?
  8. How did you meet your husband/wife/partner and what can you remember about your wedding?
  9. Where was your first home, and what was it like getting your own home for the first time?
  10. What was it like having your first child?
  11. What memories do you have of raising your children and what did they get up to when they were young?
  12. If you were to write your life story for future generations, what other stories would you want them to hear?

As Canadians continue to stay home to keep each other safe, keeping in touch is a priority for many families. Research conducted by Ancestry shows that despite the barrage of video calls, 74 per cent of Canadians wish they knew more about their families.

With a subscription to, a family history site where you can build your family tree and search through billions of historical records worldwide, Canadians can discover the stories of their ancestors’ lives: where they lived, how and when they arrived in Canada, if they served in the military, the achievements they reached and challenges they overcame.  It’s a fun-filled activity the entire family can enjoy. During a time when we need to stay physically apart, we can continue to grow closer together.

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