If these last two weeks of not stop sweltering heat isn’t an indicator that our environment is damaged I don’t what planet you are living on.

A global pandemic has forced us to stay home, travel less and be more conscious of how we spend our time and money. Venice waters have never been cleaner and our ozone layer looks like a 20-year-old again. Driving less and polluting less have shown us that we can make a difference.

However, parts of the world are slowly reopening and I wonder if we really have learned our lesson. Are we going to be more environmentally conscious when there is still so much work left to do?

The people at Creemore Springs want to keep the positive change going. Just in time for Plastic Free July they recently revealed their new environmentally friendly packaging with a new Eco Six Pack Ring.

Made from compostable organic materials and by-product waste this ring is sturdy enough to carry your favorite sixer of Creemore craft beers and responsible enough to know you have done one more thing to help our planet. This six pack ring doesn’t harm wildlife (yay turtles) and takes only days to degrade at a proper compostable facility or a few weeks in open land.

Whether you are having a social distancing pool pint or a solitary sip in your Muskoka chair make sure you have some Creemore Springs on hand. It is a delicious way to do some good.

*Creemore Springs sent me some beer to check out their new packaging. All opinions are my own. They make great beer that I love to drink. Full stop.