Element by Westin is changing the way extended travel should be. Rethinking the usual formula and making the stay not just an afterthought but something to look forward to, the brand is unveiling a new version of ‘extended stays’, one that puts the traveler in the spotlight, anticipating your needs instead of merely reacting to them.

Make yourself comfortable at Element by Westin

Distance travel is difficult, and if you’re faced with the prospect of traveling for work, having a home base can take the sting out of homesickness. Working off a per diem, or sticking to a routine or special diet often means travelers are left with the prospect of negotiating those goals, here at Element by Westin, it’s easy to keep in step with your schedule.

Work and unwind at Element by Westin

Spacious suites mean you can sprawl out and make yourself truly at home. Well-thought out details like built-in cabinetry for clothing, or a fully equipped kitchen for cooking (yes, not just a microwave!) mean you can actually make a home cooked meal, even on the road. A full-size fridge and all the kitchen accoutrements you need to make the most of your time on the road.

All the finer things, a fully stocked kitchen!

Sustainability is key within their growth plans. With over 33 locations currently open, and over 80 more in the works, each location ensures that eco-friendly and environmental options are not just buzz words, they are the core features to the brand. From lighting to low-VOC paint to recycling and hybrid plug-ins for your car, the brand is invested in becoming synonymous with green living. Each room is equipped with a built-in filter for fresh water, a notable inclusion that bucks the $8 bottled water mini-bar-break-the-bank finds that we’ve all become conditioned to.

Lounge worthy accomodations at Element by Westin

The spacious lobby offers even more space to congregate and mingle, so if you’re traveling with a team, it makes the most of those social sessions, without crowding into one single space. Nifty noshings are on deck during the week, with local beers, wines and a smorgasbord of eats make the most of these moments. The airy and bright lounges all feature a nod to nature, sea tones and sandy colours complete the look, as does the novel and on trend art flanking each wall.

Neat and tidy

Also included are bikes to borrow, allowing you to explore beyond just your usual borders. While the gyms at Element by Westin are deluxe and well-equipped, sometimes a blast of fresh air and some new scenery are just what you need to really feel like yourself.
Thanks to Element by Westin for the kind introduction to the brand.