When we think of vegan, it’s no longer a space held only for the tree-hugging stereotypes. It goes beyond food and lifestyle. It’s all about the conscious choices we make from what we wear (and, okay what we eat too) to who we support on this World Vegan Day we continue to push forward the idea that vegan can be beautiful, thoughtful and worth a second look.


Mother Raw: Known for sauces, dips and dressings, their latest launch happens to be their best yet. Instead of using cashews, the staple for most cheesy bases, Mother Raw employs hempseed to bring the zesty heat in their Vegan Queso. Addictive! Pair with Earth’s Own Organic Sour Cream to cool things down, or No 7 Hot sauce to do the opposite.

Yam Chops: Toronto’s premiere plant based butcher shop. You can pop into the shop, grab a freshly made meal, pick up something to make at home or shop online. Everything is vegan right from the cheeze, shrimpz and zalmon to the chick*n schnitzel.

Yam Chops

Everything you can imagine you would find in a Butcher Shop except it’s all plant based

LA PRESSERIE:  We’ve got a lot of options when it comes to cold pressed juices but LA PRESSERIE takes it a few steps further by recently adding fresh and delicious cold-pressed salad dressings to their roster. Artisanal plant-based dressings crafted from raw cold pressed fruits and vegetables. Delicious clean label ingredients in every bottle. We are addicted.

SOL Cuisine: We know there are more and more options when it comes to vegan burgers but Canadian brand SOL has an EXTREME GRILLED BURGER that comes as close to tasting like the real deal than many others — even the carnivores in the family were impressed. SOL is one of the first plant-based gourmet burger brands on the marketplace (they launched in 1980) and began with supplying to restaurants. It remains one of the most popular for those who know that plant-based is about taste and uncompromising nutrition. They’ve added a few more items to their roster that are worth checking out. Elmhurst plant-based Milks: There are many options beside cow’s or goat’s milk now on the market and tastes can vary. Elmhurst is one we’ve paid close attention to as one of the OG’s in the marketplace. When it came down to replacing our regular cow’s milk, Elmhurst’s Oat Milk variation hit all the marks in taste, texture AND in cooking and baking.Mama Earth Organics: An easy way to bring more veggies into your home is to have a subscription based produce delivery right to your door. The convenience is a no brainer but also, you’ll get what’s in season. We love Mama Earth as they also allow for some customization of what goes into your box. Feeling like you need a break from cooking? Also check out their prepared meals with vegan options. 

Identity CBD Infused Coffee Creamer Move over pumpkin spice because this vegan CBD infused creamer powder is here. It’s dairy/soy/gluten free, contains no artificial sweeteners and comes in a variety of yummy flavours like honey, vanilla coconut and cacao. Don’t drink coffee? Throw it into a smoothie or your morning yogurt, bake with it or sprinkle it on a snack for a 10mg hit of hemp based CBD.

Identity CBD Creamer

Prudy’s Vegan Chocolate 6 Pack

Canadian and now with vegan offerings! Vegan Chocolate Bar Bag has the entire vegan lineup. 2 Vegan Dark Chocolate Bars, 2 Vegan Mylk Chocolate Bars, 1 Vegan Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Bar and a Vegan Mylk Chocolate Trail Mix Bar

Blume: The fall and winter seasons have us dreaming of cozy days and nights staying warm, preferable with a warm beverage of choice. This Rose London Fog Blend serves us all the feels — calming and a touch a sweet. This blend includes micro-ground rose petals, rose hips and tart cherry making it rich in vitamins and skin boosting properties. Soothing and good for us but without the animal milks involved. Great to aid with bloating and PMS.

GiaIf you’re in Toronto, head over to Dundas West for pretty-plant based eats in an inviting and warm space, named after legendary actress Gia Carangi. Pastas are given special treatment, this isn’t the plant-based bland plates that you’re used to!


Hilary MacMillan: made a commitment to a completely vegan line of stylish clothing a few years back and never turned back. She proved that you don’t need leather or fur to have well-made designer pieces in your closet. She took it a few steps further and created pieces that were made for a more diverse size range. Right now, we’re crushing hard on her emerald green studded long skirt.

NOIZE: The Montreal-based company has been catching our attention recently for their very stylish jackets and coats. Flattering designs and gorgeous colour palettes make these go-to pieces to take us through the cold months. Made with recycled fillings and cruelty-free vegan outershells and many of the pieces are surprisingly warm without the bulk.

ai Toronto Seoul: This mother and daughters Toronto run business designs an entire vegan line of luxury handbags and accessories straight out of their Queen Street shop and has limited quantities made in Seoul, Korea. They’ve partnered with various fashionable and high profile Canadians proving that vegan doesn’t mean sacrificing style. A recent collaboration with television personality Tanya Kim saw the crossbody “Mabel” sell out fast.

Secure 360 Pure UV Sterilization Pouch by Bugatti: For everyday and for travel, this Secure 360 pouch caught our attention by this Montreal based company. Designed to disinfect your personal items safely, using its advanced sterilization technology with no radiation or ozone. The Pure UV pouch will disinfect everything from your cellphone, keys, glasses, reusable mask, earphones, jewelry, pens and even more in just 5 minutes, without any residue! And we all know how we feel about germs and stuff these days! Bugatti has a wide variety of vegan handbags, luggage, and ski gear bags.

Antipodes: Is a line of certified vegan beauty products that use an array of clean, sustainably sourced and biodegradable ingredients. This New Zealand brand works with local producers and growers to source plants that only occur on their side of the world, their packaging in biodegradable and it’s just an all around amazing line of skincare.