Tipples can be tempting at any time of year, but the call to clink glasses is never more pervasive than it is on New Year’s Eve. The celebration to close out another year requires something more interesting than just fizzy water or soda pop. Non or low-alcohol options aren’t just a novel inclusion for the designated driver anymore.  There’s a movement trickling towards moderation, with many people preferring to augment their idea of partying, opting out of drinking alcohol entirely.

Silver Swallow aims to be that quintessential non-alcoholic offering. A perfect drink befitting of a toast, minus the alcohol, this effervescent bubbly features a tea base blend for a sparkling champagne-inspired kombucha that is sourced from hand-picked white tea that’s only harvested once a year in Yunnan, China. Founded in Ottawa by Genna Woolston and Andrew Roberts who were looking to offer an inspiring beverage to those not imbibing, this tea-forward sparkler is effervescent and refreshing, with subtle aromatic notes like clover and honey.  


silver swallow luxury kombucha

It’s quite honestly like nothing else out on the market, which is precisely why they took this particular approach to craft this well-balanced beverage. The luxurious look of the sleek bottle, replete with a cork top for that sensory experience adds a layer of opulence, who can resist the call of that distinct pop!? The little details matter the most, and here the presentation is pretty and on par with the high-octane alternatives.

Keeping in step with providing an inclusive backdrop to any New Year’s Eve bash is providing vegan options, and Silver Swallow checks that box too, as well as being free of other potential diet culprits like gluten, preservatives and sulphites. Pairing well with seafood, cheese and spiced or candied nuts, Silver Swallow’s slightly floral profile brings out the subtle nuances in these dishes but works well with popcorn and chips just as well.

Serve chilled all on its own, or with a float of juice or as a base to a smattering of zero-proof beverages like this textured Kir Royale.

silver swallow kombucha

Look for Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha at select gourmet grocery stores including select Summerhill Market, Fresh City Foods and Whole Foods Market locations, or shop directly from the source with delivery available to most areas of Quebec and Ontario. Check silverswallow.co for more information.

silver swallow kombucha

All images by Libby Roach. This post is sponsored by Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha.