Staying home all this time meant more time to explore beauty and skincare options. Magnetic Eyelash ads have been popping up on my feed (I swear they can read my mind) and I began researching them. I recently came across Pretty in the City, a Toronto-based lash and brow service founded by expert Veronica Tran. I discovered that the company also has a line of magnetic eyelashes and decided to give these a try.

I use to joke about how I was the one holding the door when the beauty goddesses were blessing others with gorgeous long eyelashes. My wispy small lashes have no purpose. They certainly don’t do anything to keep dust, or whatever out. Yes, I’ve been envious of those who have naturally long lashes. I’ve also been envious of those who could rock the lash extensions.  I fell in love with lash extensions only in the past couple of years. Prior to that I had tried several lash bars. The lashes use to be stiff and well, I felt like they weren’t for me. BUT things have come a long way and yes, I found ones that I loved. In fact, I had JUST had a full set of lashes professional done within days of our city going under lockdown. There was no way for me to maintain them since all personal services have been shuttered and ordered to stay closed throughout the pandemic. Magnetic lashes sounded really interesting.

What makes the Pretty in the City Magnetic Lashes unique is that each lash strip is made up of 10 tiny little magnets to help achieve a more natural look by,providing more flexibility and hold.. The lashes are soft and light —  made with vegan silk. The liner is also waterproof and smudge proof.

Classic Cateye Style

There are several styles to choose from…

“Flutter” signature medium length and fullness. Most popular!

“So Natural” is shorter in length and light in fullness. Great for everyday. Also great for those who have monolid eye shapes.

“Classic Cateye” a short length then tapers out into a long wing. Great for making the eye look bigger.

“Long & Lovely” as it sounds the lashes are long and medium in fullness. Great for a more dramatic look but not over the top.

The products are also free of parabens, phthalates and latex.

HOW TO APPLY: I admit I was super intimidated and held onto the box for a couple weeks before trying. There is a quick tutorial on the Pretty in the City site with straight forward instructions. The starter kit comes with a set of lashes, rounded off tweezers to offer a more accurate placement of the lashes, and the magnetic liquid eye liner.

before lash extensions

You’ll want to measure out the length that you’re comfortable with before applying. This is the other benefit of having the tiny magnets – you can trim off excess and still have full magnetic strength from end to end. The liquid liner goes on above the lash line where you want the lash extensions to sit. Two easy applications and a little drying time is needed. Veronica. recommends letting the liner dry for about 10 minutes. Then the lash is carefully place along the liner. But take your time at first to get use to the placement.

At the end of the day (or night) simply lift the lash from the end and gently peel back. Easy! They are reusable (up to 20 wears) – just clean them and store in their magnetic holds in the box it came it for the next time you need them. And remember to use eye makeup remover to removed the liner on your lids at the end of the day. I use a gentle make up remover as I have sensitive eyes.

I had taken the “Flutter” for a try and was really surprised at how light they felt on. At first I had thought that they might be too over the top for me in fullness and length but I was really pleased with the results. I am curious about the “so natural” style  – I’ll order those next to try.

I would recommend getting the kit ($45) for your first round so you’ll have a set of lashes, the liner and tweezers. Lash sets are $25.

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