Shapewear has been around for centuries. Originally they were created to help women, and men, achieve their desired silhouettes through the help of undergarments. This wasn’t only popular in European and Western cultures but in others as well. They were designed all in the name of beauty standards of their times – just take a look at the costumes in Bridgerton. Stunning yes, but we are also reminded of  about just how excruciatingly uncomfortable corsets and bustiers must have been back then to achieve the looks they desired. But shapewear has come along way over the years both in comfort and support. The newest line that caught my attention is by Canadian brand Knix — the shapewear collection is designed with comfort in mind using the latest technology.

My first entry into controlled undergarments was a cultural one. Using a wrapping of stretchy cloth around the midsection of the body has been a popular recovery thing to do after giving birth in my culture.  It’s believed to help a new mother’s body recover faster, provide support and to help minimize that pouch. Having double c-sections meant a slower recovery for me and it was advised that I didn’t do this to allow the incision to heal properly. Honestly, wish I could have tried it.

After having babies and trying to return to “normal” was a challenge. Even though  I had lost the weight gained during pregnancy (50 lbs each time), my body felt like it had shifted. Then shapewear (controlled tops, girdles, whatever you want to call them) became a staple in my  dresser for those times I needed to dress up.

Shapewear has become common place over the past few decades. Hollywood starlets of all ages, shapes and sizes openly admitted to donning them under their fabulous gowns on the red carpet but quickly also joked about how they couldn’t wait to get out of them as they bee-lined for the nearest In-and-Out Burger. Yes, wearing them took an inch or two off the waist and gave the appearance of smoothed out skin under form fitting clothes and we were willing to sacrifice breathing over beauty.

I’ve tried many different styles and brands. Most did what I wanted them to. Most were uncomfortable. Ugh, some even rolled down – you know what I mean? That was the worst. Nothing like putting on a dress and have that feeling of the waistband on your underwear rolling down and settle where it shouldn’t.

When Knix announced they were launching a Shapewear line I made note. I was already a fan of their bras and panties (btw, you’ll want to check out their leakproof and period undies! Total game changers!). What immediately drew me in was the messaging. This line isn’t about contorting your shape but a reminder to celebrate it. Accepting that my body has evolved and will continue to do so should be recognized in a positive way. Honestly, I’m still working on this mindset because I know that confidence in ourselves is very empowering.

I get that not everyone wants to wear shapewear but some of us do from time to time …and I’ve come to accept that my c-section tummy won’t ever go away.

Knix decided to move into this category based on consumer requests for undergarments that incorporated targeted compression in areas where we desired the most.  The mission was to create a new shapewear line that offered the support we want but make it comfortable enough to wear ALL DAY if we wanted to… not just on special occasions. After nearly a year of research they’ve launched the highly anticipated  line. They moved ahead and not just offering a few pieces but a range that included several  skin tone colour options and of course, the always popular black. So, what did I try?

Knix Shaper Bodysuit: 

If you are ever concerned about rolls hanging over the top of waistbands or between bra and underwear lines then this is a great solution to give the soft and smooth overall appearance.  While I can still see where the c-section pouch lies without my clothes on, it’s comfortably smoother once I’m dressed. The upper body has the option of removable bra cup inserts and there are no underwires in this garment. The mid section offers a very comfortable compression to gently hold things in place front and back! And instead of snaps at the bottom (gusset) there is an adjustable hook & eye closure. A little getting use to at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s good. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the snaps coming apart accidentally – been there! The leg cutouts are seamlessly bonded to offer a smoother “no panty line” look. The bra straps are adjustable of course to offer more comfort. Can I wear it all-day? Yes, and I have.

Ordered: Colour Nude 4 in Large ($110 Canadian)

Fabric: Body is made of 53% Lycra Xtra Life, 47% nylon. Lining is made of 86% cotton, 10% spandex, and 4% carbon

High Rise Shaper Brief:

I’m particularly self-conscious about rolls. Skin rolling over top of the waistband as well as the band rolling down is just uncomfortable for me. So, here is where I had to figure out what size was better suited for me. I had ordered a medium to begin with and unfortunately the rolls happened. However, I reordered  in the next size up and I was much happier. So, be sure to follow the sizing guidelines. I purposely chose the brief style because of that damn c-section pouch I carry around. It’s higher cut sits above the waistline and where I want that slight control. I’m not  interested in having everything completely sucked in to the point that I cannot breathe – but enough support to feel confident in my own skin. This style feels great on.  I was surprised to find that I felt support not just in front but also in my lower back. Bonus!  Like the Bodysuit, the edges are seamless bonded to give a smoother appearance.

Ordered: Colour Nude 4 in Large ($58 Canadian)

Fabric: made of 53% Lycra Xtra Life, 47% nylon. Lining is made of 86% cotton, 10% spandex, and 4% carbon

Seamless bonded edges!

Here’s a link to the site to learn more at .  While you’re there you may want to check out the latest drop the Papaya High Rise Legging (I’m lusting over the Titanium colour!) This collaboration is with Sarah Nicole Landry aka @thebirdspapaya that we adore.

This video made me rethink how I viewed my own body. Here is #LoveYourShape

*Full disclosure: Knix offered my choice of shapewear for review purposes. The second order was fully purchased.