How long will Toronto have to wait for Shake Shack to finally open? Not long friends. We have all waited long enough, visiting the US only for Crinkle Fries and the odd stop at Trader Joe’s since 2010. What, just me?

The first of many Shake Shack restaurants is now open. But is it worth the cost? With combos topping $25+, many Canadians are wondering if this is just another Nordstrom.

The Shake Shack Invasion is Upon Us

A location at Yonge and Dundas is obviously a signal. They are planning on so many more. Next, there are more than 30+ more Shake Shack locations in the works above the border. This will be your new burger joint. How could it not be? It’s an absolute icon. Finally, there are over 440 locations worldwide. Shake Shack has been eyeing the Canadian marketplace for some time.

shake shack toronto burger
An Angus Patty completes every beef burger

Firstly, we have the green icon. Secondly, The milkshake logo. Thirdly, the telltale meat-sweats. Shake Shack has super humble roots. Based in New York City, it started as a hot dog cart inside Madison Square Park. It branched out from its park roots and has become a destination for visitors and tourists to NYC. It has since attracted a cult-like following for its shakes, fries, and, of course, beefy burgers.

shake shack toronto crinkle fries
Of course, there are crinkle fries….

But here, the Canadian version deserves some attention. Shake Shack’s dedication to sourcing ingredients from local hotspots makes its Toronto launch a somewhat sure bet.

Our favourite new Shake Shack Toronto Menu Items (PS- We asked about poutine; reps were tight-lipped but heard it may be in the works)

🍁 The Maple Salted Pretzel Shake

🍁 The I Heart Butter Tart Concrete tarts from brodflour

🔥🍫🍪 The More S’mores Concrete

🍫 The Shack Attack Concrete with Chocosol

Of course, the full menu awaits, with burgers, dogs, shakes, and fries ready to fill your never-ending void. But a bonus: This Shake Shack is licensed and not only stocked with regional beers from Bellwoods Brewery (ShackMeister Ale) but Shack White and Red in the can (by Rosewood Winery) as well.

shake shack toronto chicken burger
Chicken Sandwiches are a welcome part of the Canadian menu

The space is two floors decked with emerald green tiles and gorgeous bronze lighting. There’s a den hangout space with dome hockey. It’s undeniably, the fanciest shack I’ve ever seen.

A core mission for Shake Shack is “Stand for Something Good” which brings awareness and funds to local charities benefiting from a portion of sales. Second Harvest, Water First and Campfire Circle are all named organizations from Shake Shack’s various endeavours.

Check back for more Shake Shack updates and openings.


Shake Shack Toronto is set to open at Yonge and Dundas this Thursday, June 13 We got a first look / taste #auburnlaneeats #medialaunch #shakeshack #shakeshacktoronto #hosted #burgertime

♬ Just Can’t Get Enough – The Black Eyed Peas

Shake Shack is located at 10 Dundas Street East, at Yonge and Dundas.

Follow them @shakeshackca

All photos by Libby Roach.