Hailing from Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, and Cinestar, Meet Me In Paris is a fresh rom-com-reality movie that brings a new meaning to “love like in the movies”. With the help of an unfinished script and a few coincidental meet cutes we’re al invited to follow along this love adventure!

Say what? Yes, it’s the first of its kind original film (Roku Channel). Follow three women who are on a quest to create their own love stories. Guess who else is looking for love?  Canadian Marcel Williams is one of the leading gents!

Marcel Williams photo courtesy of Roku PR

We had a chance to chat with Marcel about this thrilling love adventure to find out more…

So, tell us. What makes this different from other love reality shows?

Marcel: Meet Me in Paris is an unscripted reality rom-com movie, the first of its kind! It follows the romantic adventures of three leading ladies and included “meet-cutes”. That’s where I come into the picture. From there, it was up to us to explore relationships and connections.

I think the most intriguing point of this project and opportunity, was the fact that viewers would be able to tune into a reality show style movie based on finding love, in one sitting, as opposed to having to tune in on a weekly basis.

How did you get involved in this?

Marcel: I had originally auditioned for another TV show, and unfortunately did not hear back. At one point I felt as though that was it. Then I got a call instead for Meet Me in Paris, and it sounded like a great opportunity! So, I jumped at it and here we are today.

What intrigued you about this project?

Marcel: Entertainment has always been a passion of mine, and an area I’ve been exploring, so this naturally aligned with me. The idea of finding love in Paris, the city known for love, isn’t something that’s typically handed to you.

Can you tell us a bit about the characters? 

Marcel: Meet Me in Paris is unscripted, with only meet-cutes being pre-determined but everyone in the cast played themselves. We were all looking to find an authentic connection, with the help of a not-so-subtle nudge from the directors and producers.

What was so appealing about this show for you?

Marcel: Being a part of something of this nature was an opportunity I knew I couldn’t give up. But what further enticed me to join the cast is the fact that I got to experience Paris in a different way while looking for a meaningful connection. And it was my birthday!

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Did you get that Paris “city of love” vibe?

Marcel: Where do I even begin with Paris? The city is everything you’d expect it to be, and more. We were able to get exclusive access to historic buildings and landmarks to ourselves, because of the movie. It’s something I’d never be able to experience on my own! It truly made touring the city of love even more special!

What did you discover in this process of finding love?

Marcel: The biggest takeaway for me, coming out of this experience, is that it’s okay to be on different pages, heck even novels, especially in the early stages of dating. I learned that I value time and that it’s important to take it slowly to get to know someone. You cannot force the flow. You just need to go with it and trust the process. If that leads you to love, friendship or nothing at all, that’s okay!

Did your expectations meet your reality and did anything surprise you?

Marcel: I went into this experience without any expectations, other than being grateful to have this opportunity to begin with. Of course, there was a part of me that was eager to know if I’d find that instant connection we all look for, however, I didn’t regret this experience whatsoever.

What would be your ideal Parisian date night?

Marcel: A tour in the city of love, under the stars, with a few pitstops along the way, like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumph, followed by a romantic dinner by the Seine. I mean, what could sound better than that?

If you’d like to catch more of Marcel’s search for love, check out Meet Me in Paris, on The Roku Channel found on Roku TVs and devices!

Here’s the official trailer…