You have made it halfway through a pandemic summer. While restrictions are getting lighter we still can’t shake our new habit of resting our feet in the kiddie pool and cracking open a cold one at home. With another long weekend fast approaching why not give our beer fridges a little makeover with these perfect summer sippers.

Collective Arts Sparkling Hard Teas

The brewers at Collective Arts have taken a mix of alcohol and fruit, herbals teas and botanicals from Genuine Tea  and spritzed it up to make it bubbly and refreshing. Think flavoured sparkling water with a ABV kick. Choose between mango/pineapple, blueberry/elderberry or peach/orange, pour over ice and enjoy. Four packs start at $10.95.

Belgian Moon Light Sky

Everyone has enjoyed a Belgian Moon with a slice of orange at some point during the hot summer months. Take the citrus burst to a new level with their new Light Sky wheat beer made with tangerine peel. This light and thirst quenching sipper comes in a perfect little 355ml serving just enough to cool you off without knocking you out. And if you are in the Toronto area go check out their space at Stakt Market.  A case of 24 starts at $49.95.

Microbrasserie Le Bockdale Berliner Sonne

You can still enjoy a brew while soaking up the sun without having to worry about the buzz. Maybe you are the one driving everyone to the beach but don’t want to be left out of the social sipping.  Microbrasserie Le Bockdale has us convered with their popular non alcoholic beers now available online across Canada. As someone who really enjoys the taste of beer I don’t feel like I am missing out when I crack one of these. While they have a stout and IPA available I recommend a tall glass of the Berliner Sonne. In a sour crazy society this lemony and tart beer fits in perfect. A 12 pack of all three styles is available for $46 plus shipping.

Side Launch Brewing Margarita Gose

For those unfamiliar with the Gose style (pronounce Go-za) it is this; a German sour wheat beer with salt. So when the folks at Side Launch Brewing decided to add a s%$t ton of lime puree to the brewing of this style you get the perfect margarita mix. Tart and salty with that lime zest with none of the sweetness of bar mix. Exactly what you need during a heat wave. Cans start at $3.70 at the LCBO.

Mike’s HARDer Sparkling Water

The OG cooler from your amateur drinking days are back! Elevating the brand from the old Lemon or Cranberry flavours that were synonymous with my bartending days (if you were feeling fancy you’d mix the two together), Mike’s swinging back with a sparkling water base in both lemon and lime flavours. With 0 grams of sugar and 7% abv, this tall boy offers the best in both worlds, a refreshing ready to go drink that hits the spot. From $2.90 at the LCBO. 

Bud Light Strawberry Lemonade

This light and fruity beer brings Bud Light together with citrus notes and summery strawberry sweetness. Slim in size but appropriately dosed with 4% alcohol, this beer based drink is a lovely switch up from your usual beer. From $3 at the LCBO.

Babe Wines

Wine in a can is having a moment, it’s convenient, doesn’t spoil easily and is a good serving size that’s picnic portable. We’re loving the grab and go Rosé  with bubbles, or the breezy Grigio, both summer faves that pair perfectly with sunny skies and distanced dates. From $3.95 at the LCBO.

Palm Bay Zero Sugar

Also known for their sweeter side, Palm Bay turns the corner with a soda based drink promising zero grams of sugar. Offered in Key Lime Cherry and Blackberry Lemon, these crisp and fruity coolers are balanced and thirst-quenching, and at %5 abv are just the right mix for an afternoon sipper.