Long weekends are a scare summer commodity. An unfortunate side effect of long dreary winter months is the fill-your-boots approach to the hot hazy summer days, and this year the bucket list has grown, with many of us missing out on family functions like barbecues, dinners, weddings and weekends away.

With dwindling sunsets to celebrate, make the most of your long weekend with a bumper crop of food finds, from snacks to sides of beef, we got a little something extra to mark the occasion.

Auburn Lane’s Long Weekend Eats and Treats

Zoe Ford’s BBQ Baking Kits

Zoe Ford is the brainchild of Jo Notkin, Montreal’s catering goddess and a former contestant on Food Network Canada’s Top Chef Canada Season 8. Harnessing the heat and fun of cooking outdoors, Jo has designed baking kits to keep you out of the kitchen, utilizing the perfect shape and heating conditions of your outdoor (clean) gas grill instead. Cinnamon Rolls and Dinner Rolls are excellent cottage staples and whip up in a snap. Get yours from: https://zoeford.com/collections/shop-pantry

Nature Knows Fresh Fruit & Veg

nature knows

Nature Knows Inc. is an innovative product that introduces biodegradable packaging solutions to the food marketplace. We love their day one dedication to selling only sustainable and fully biodegradable solutions to the Canadian marketplace, I am so SICK of plastic! The snack friendly sizes of washed and ready-to-eat veggies and fruits are perfect for car rides with kids or camping trips when water may not be potable. Find out where to snap up your snacks: https://natureknows.ca/where-to-find-us/

Limited Edition Ketchup Doritos

ketchup doritos

Distinctly American, getting a very Canadian treatment, limited edition Ketchup Doritos are hard to find but worth the grind! If you love ketchup chips then stash a few bags of this retro-themed chip for a rainy day. We found a few bags still up for grabs: https://www.amazon.com/Doritos-Ketchup-Large-Limited-Canada/dp/B00TM7SS6U

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil

chosen foods

Chosen Foods Avocado Oil boasts all the friendly heart-healthy fats we all need to support healthy bodies + minds but also works wonders with high heat, with a smoke point of up to 500°F. Using an expeller-press method, oil is extracted without heat or chemicals resulting in a pure premium oil that emulsifies seamlessly for salad dressings, pasta and any recipe that calls for any oil. Stock up here: https://well.ca/products/chosen-foods-100-pure-avocado-oil_97692.html

West Side Beef


If you’re passionate about where your meat comes from but can’t always do your homework before hitting the grocery store then you’ll love the novel approach of West Side Beef. Partnering with local farmers to bring amazing quality meat, eggs and more right to your doorstep. Look for more on this beefy service, story coming soon to AuburnLane.com- Order up through the site: https://westsidebeef.ca/our-farmers/

Lindt Chocolate

lindt s'mores

Nothing says weekend like a firepit and s’mores! Even if you’re stuck in the city, s’mores always hit the spot! We love arranging a spread of interesting and unique chocolates from Lindt, the premium Swiss chocolate company. From spicy Chili to the new Orange Almond and Caramel Sea Salt, adding an artisinal and adult spin to the campfire staple. Shop at your local or direct: https://www.lindt.ca/en/


smarties cookies

Smarties are the quintessential Canadian chocolate-coated candy. There’s no disputing their deliciousness and here, make a splash in Libby’s classic Oatmeal Cookie recipe, a new take on a recipe on repeat is just the right mix of fun and familiar. The boxes are made of paper.

All photos by Libby Roach, except West Side Beef, which is courtesy of the brand.