You may already recognize Lisa as a TV host and property expert on HGTV Canada’s Critical Listing as well as a contributor for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life Magazine and City Life Magazine. You may also know her as the coffee driven entrepreneur, social media influencer and now mom with her fun and realistic content that just well, laughs back at life. Now, Lisa is set to launch her new web series, Lisa in the City Show showing her viewers what it takes to continue to shape her “brand” to juggling family life and chasing her dreams – go, momma!  Life balances? Nah! Imperfect is the word and she’s got nothing to hide. Judgy moms, watch out! She’s all in – twerks and all!

We had a chance to catch up with this go-getter on the eve of launching her series on Youtube…

Do you feel like moms are being judged all the time? What’s been your experience?

The biggest shock to me in becoming a mom was the amount of judgment moms get. There’s judgment around how you give birth, how you feed your kids, are you going to work…omg it never ends!

And what’s crazier is that it comes from everywhere…society, family and friends, other moms…all on top of our own thoughts of “am I doing this right?!”

Being a mom is the biggest responsibility we can take on as women…we need to ease up on each other and ourselves because at the end of the day we all love our kids
and we’re doing the best that we can for our kids and ourselves.

What made you decide to do this web series?

A lot of my content on Instagram is super light-hearted…its comedy and me twerking in my kitchen. But it’s not because my life is always happy. It’s what makes me happy in the midst of it all. Happiness is a choice, not a result. I know so many moms going for their dreams and I wanted to share our story. I want to show the real ups and downs of life as a working mom. I want other moms to know “you’re not the only one with hard days” and to encourage them to never give up on the things that bring them joy in life.
I want to be the woman and example that I needed.

The juggle is real. Is balance a myth?

There’s no such thing as balance… it’s just not life. Life is meant to push you and to make you grow. I think its more about having priorities and being flexible enough to go with the flow. Sometimes certain things have to take precedence over others and other times, it changes.

Maybe that’s what balance means, being able to ebb and flow. It’s when we need things to look a certain way and only that way that creates a lot of stress in our lives.

But let’s give some credit to the men who are supporting us, we feel like they often get a bad rap. Thoughts?

I feel so lucky to be alive at a time where men’s roles are growing alongside us. There was a time when men didn’t even change diapers or weren’t in the delivery rooms. But now the conversation has shifted. Men are so much more interested to be active and involved…its not perfect, but its moving in a more inclusive direction, and I’m so here for it!

What are some of the topics you’re excited to share on your series?

We touch on a lot of big topics for women – rediscovering your identity when you become a mom, the craziness of mom guilt, breaking away from what “momming” must look like. But the biggest one that I hope women get from the series is whatever you do, Never Give Up.

What’s motivates or inspires you?

So many things inspire me. I’m inspired by people’s passions. When someone is genuinely passionate about something it’s incredible what they can create and make happen. Seeing other people’s achievements gives me that vision of what’s possible. I’m inspired by my dreams. To keep going and see how far I can take it. And I’m inspired by my that they’re toddlers I notice that they watch what I say and do, and I want to be an example to them to go for it in life and not be afraid.

What’s your favourite quote?

I’m such a feen for quotes! LOL. Right now the quote I have at my desk is from Queen Oprah (of course),

“The greatest adventure you can take, is to live the life of your dreams.”

Lisa in the City Show premieres this Thursday, February 27th at 8:30 pm est on YouTube. Directed by Francesco Antonio and produced by Woodbridge Media.

Here’s the trailer…