Name a hot beauty trend that is bigger than plump lips. We’ll wait. Lip injections are the new hot thing, and it’s a look that suits every face. But for a temporary glow-up, ditch the needles and get the look without the invasive and overdone pout. Working with Dr Sean Rice for ten years, Bahar is the medical aesthetician at Bayview Village’s Hammam Spa.  She is the resident expert for all non-surgical treatments, like JetPeel facials.

Ask anyone on the Auburn Lane team, and they’ll tell you, traditional facials are nice, but once you have a JetPeel facial, it’s hard to go back. Adding the coveted lip treatment into your next JetPeel is an easy add-on. Targeting the mouth area with a steady stream of hyaluronic acid to penetrate the dermis layers results in a plumping effect that is safe and repeatable.


jetpeel-before-and-after- plump lips
Untouched before and after JetPeel Facial with Hyaluronic Acid Lip Plump

No two JetPeel facials are alike. But every JetPeel treatment begins with this purifying step to detox your pores and encourage lymphatic drainage. This important step dictates the rest of the facial and the end result. You’re not just layering on products, you’re manipulating skin to promote a more even complexion. From collagen production to complete extractions, JetPeel’s legacy of hitting reset is our favourite feature of this high-tech procedure.

A completely custom experience is created to address your specific skin concerns. Bahar personalizes the serums, from Glycolic Acid to Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Vitamins E, and A, there are a lot of formulas to treat and tame common skin complaints.


Harnessing this intelligent targeted treatment for the lips instantly brings smoother, softer lips. It can also help lips appear more symmetrical and highlight your cupid’s bow. Adding a flush of HA also eliminates the vertical lines in your lips, and generally adds volume to this important facial feature. Using HA to plump lips is safe and efficient using the stream-style technology behind JetPeel.

Going below the dermis layers means this isn’t just a superficial facial. You can expect these results to last longer than a traditional spa facial. Bahar suggests booking your treatments 4-6 weeks apart and the day before any big event.

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