Lift Corktown isn’t just another pump n’ dump gym you join in a desperate attempt to make good on your new years resolutions. It’s steeped in the ethos that the personal touch, the hands-on motivation and proper personal instruction can make all the difference. Because, it does.

Let’s face it, joining a new gym can be downright anxiety inducing. You feel vulnerable, maybe even a little lost and lonely. And while bowls of dusty chalk inspire greatness, it’s no replica for the real thing. But to create, to become, ultimately, to change, things need to get a little uncomfortable. When your muscles are screaming and you feel queasy, that’s the spark of a new beginning.

At least that’s what they keep telling me. I had the privilege of working with co-owner and trainer Josh Adamson with the Nike Toronto team for a six week journey unlocking yes, some looser pants, but for me, it’s all about getting stronger, and inspiring those around me to do the same. Getting old sucks, and if you’re strong, then you feel better, you’re less prone to injury and are mentally more balanced too. Blowing off steam for me is a one-way ticket to the gym, or playing sports. And Josh feels the same.

“My purpose in life is to help as many people as possible start their fitness journey. My first year as a trainer one of my clients lost 100lbs! It was the most amazing journey to be on with someone. I helped someone change their fucking life! Like insane transformation, and not just physically, you could just see the confidence, and I just loved it.

Josh Adamson, trainer and co-owner of Lift Corktown

A team of coaches work with you for each one hour class, ensuring you’re your knees don’t over extend on those lunges or you’re not committing to that full burpee (I wanna hear that clap!). As coach Josh says, “Just show up and sweat, we do the rest.” And with all the gear, equipment, weights and workout equipment, that’s a solid statement, you just need a good pair of sneakers (we tried out the super sleek Nike Air Max Bella TR 2 and conquered all the cardio and Metcon moves with ease).

A tiered membership approach allows you to try the classes out in an all-you-can-eat – er workout method. It’s a great way to sample the three classes- CrossFit, Burn and Power, and of course, work with a few different coaches to get the most from your membership. Individual drop-in classes go for $30, and a 10 class pass works out to $25 a pop.

With a list of celebrity clients and athletes on his roster, Josh knows that trust is a major component of training, and it doesn’t end with the workout. Fostering relationships with his clients, famous or not, Josh understands the unique position Lift instills. Trust is everything.

The most important thing about training a celebrity is getting them to trust you. I care so much about my clients, they see that right away. I’ve been training Shawn Mendes for close to 2 years. I send him his workouts every day and he’ll reply back with photo updates…it’s all about trust. It makes me feel good to know they trust me that much.

Josh Adamson, trainer and co-owner of Lift Corktown

While F45 and HIIT inspired studios are popping up all over town, Lift proves it is so much more than just a place to workout. Tailored training delivers results beyond just what the scale says. There’s really nothing to lose, and Lift Corktown even offers a freebie class for newbies, so drop in, say Auburn Lane sent you!

Huge thank you to Nike Toronto for the Lift Corktown introduction! We have a full interview with Josh Adamson and how he found his way from Australia to Toronto- get ready to be inspired!