Lift Toronto 2023 Cannabis Conference and Expo the OG cannabis trade show in Canada is returning to Toronto June 1-3. For the first time, there will be a Diners’ Club where Canada’s top cannabis chefs and mixologists will be on hand. Live demos, educational talks and more will also be happening at booth #2111 in the Expo Hall; you won’t want to miss it. As a cannabis cooking enthusiast myself, I am super excited for this year’s show!

LIFT expo chef Jordan Wegman
“I look forward to shining a light on the world of hospitality, health, wellness, and cannabis, and the amazing individuals that make up the fabric of these communities which are heavily intertwined”.

Chef Jordan Wagman

I had the chance to chat with Culinary Cannabis Pioneer Chef Jordan Wagman. Wagman is a Beard-nominated chef, a bestselling author and a philanthropic cannabis advocate. He is passionate about food, health and wellness, and cannabis. He is also the director of Cannabis Food and Beverage Growth for Lift Events.

As a lifelong cannabis user, he was diagnosed with Psoriasis at 12 and years of hospitalizations and medications that left lasting side effects with little relief led him to Israel. Here, he camped by the dead sea and suntanned from morning to night, seeking relief from his painful condition. Constant sun exposure was helpful in the short term but hardly sustainable. Smoking weed helped ease his discomfort, but he knew it wasn’t enough.

Fast forward to 2014. Wagman removed gluten, refined sugar and dairy from his diet and began using supplements and CBD. From that point, everything changed, and he was on the road to a healthier life. In addition to his anti-inflammatory diet, his cannabis use has also been a cornerstone of his symptom-free life.

Jordan is now one of the granddaddy’s of culinary cannabis, travelling to educate us on healthy diets, and the benefits of cannabis and striving to give back to the world. His popular podcast, “In the Weeds,” provides a wealth of information as he discusses current events in the cannabis world with an array of experts.

LIFT Diners’ Club

On to the LIFT programming. He has curated a group of the leading culinary tastemakers – he calls them the “difference makers.” Through these rising culinary stars, we can watch, listen and learn.

Jordan Wagmans frozen peanut butter and chocolate torte LIFT
Chef Wagman’s frozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Torte is NOT your mom’s dorm room brownies.

The aim is not to just get as high as possible.

Instead, discover the intersection of the recreational benefits of THC with the health and wellness benefits of the vast array of cannabinoids. It’s about precise, responsible dosing, creating a safe environment for yourself and your friends and creating an experience you can repeat consistently.

It’s about navigating our legal environment to get the most out of available products. It is also coming from a culinary perspective where taste and quality reign. This is about moving beyond gummies and brownies into infused pasta, pesto, ice cream and condiments. It’s the age of edible cannabis for grownups.

You will learn from the people who do this for a living. They share how you can create a repeatable experience in your own home. The emphasis is not on “getting high” but utilizing all the other unique properties of cannabinoids and terpenes. This will be an opportunity to educate regular users and people just dipping their toes into the world of weed.

Lift expo cannabis

Join them on June 2 for Industry Day, where a panel of experts will discuss the promising future of infused beverages. The event will also feature an engaging cooking demonstration by the acclaimed Michelin-starred Chef Romain Avril. He will share his skills on cooking with cannabis, making the session a must-attend for culinary enthusiasts.

Saturday, June 3, LIFT is open to consumers – everyone from the canna-curious to the connoisseur. It kicks off with a panel of cannabis sommeliers. Midday, we will learn how to host our own cannabis-infused dinner party, and the day will end with a cannabis mixology demo. Consumer Day will set you back $20 for a one-day wristband. The expo will run from 11 am to 5 pm.

Lift Toronto 2023 Cannabis Conference and Expo

June 1-3, 2023 Toronto

Lift Events & Experiences, known for Canada’s number-one cannabis industry conferences and trade shows, is expanding across the continent. Dedicated to honouring the legacy of the cannabis industry, Lift welcomes everyone, from craft growers to multistate operators to everyday folks who enjoy and respect the plant.

Retailers, brands and those who help to create them from seed to sale will be elevated and innovative new products will be discovered. Plus, Lift’s signature surprises and “a-ha” moments, live music, cameo appearances, prize giveaways and the legendary Lift After Party, are designed to surprise and delight. Consumer Day is June 3