Fall is the ideal time of year to assess and take care of your skincare needs. Why? The sun isn’t so strong and the bracing winter weather isn’t here… yet. It’s also a window of opportunity before we head into the season of parties! In person social events are popping up on my calendar and if you’re looking in the mirror feeling like it’s time for a skin refresh you may want see what your options are NOW. Depending on how you’d like to address your skincare concerns remember to factor in time for skin recovery!

There are many ways to address a variety of skincare wants and needs.  If I want to relax and enjoy a morning with a robe on sipping tea then a day spa is a perfect choice. But if I want results driven treatments, then I head straight into a trusted skin care clinic. They have the latest technology that are effective ways to boost, repair, and rejuvenate skin. But let’s face it, they are not all the same. It’s important to do your research and feel comfortable asking all the questions. Have great referrals and take advantage of consultations to help determine which route you want to go.

FORM Face + Body botox

I recently had a virtual consult with Megan, an aesthetic and surgical care nurse at Form, Face and Body — a Cosmetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and Advanced Aesthetics Clinic located midtown Toronto. Libby and Carole on our team had both been and were pleased with the results from the services they’ve received. Libby’s approach is preventative and proactive.  She opted for treatments that would benefit her before onset. Carole has different skin care concerns and is not shy about going for whatever treatments and procedures would help her match her vibrant personality. For me, I’m wedged in between the two. I’m in what they call “corrective” mode to maintain and look more refreshed but I’m also hesitant especially when it comes to any needles. By the way, the staff here are professional and medical certified doctors, surgeons and nurses.

I have been dealing with Melasma for many years – common in many women who have been on birth control pills for a while and who’ve had babies. It’s also commonly known as “pregnancy mask”.  Through my dermatologist and other skincare experts, I’ve learned this skin condition will never 100% go away but there are treatments to help keep it under control. Sunscreen is a must.  I’m really interested in addressing the discolouration, evening out my skin tone and texture.

I also mentioned to Megan that my skin just doesn’t seem as elastic anymore. Meaning, it isn’t bouncing back like before. You know, like if you get a pimple (yes, I still get them) and it just doesn’t go away after a week? Or if you er…pop it and the skin doesn’t repair itself and leaves a scar. It’s something I’ve noticed during the pandemic time staying at home.  Is that collagen depletion? Yup and it’s not uncommon for my age (I’m turning 55 this month). I also notice it in my nails. I use to have strong nails but over the past two years they’re starting to become more brittle and weak.

So, I explain to Megan all my skin concerns. She had noticed over the video call that I kept touching my jaw line and really sounding a tad defeated with how the sagging has begun. She had recommended a gentle and natural lift with fillers and gentle “baby botox” that would address these initial concerns. She also mentioned microneedling to help with all of the above.

Filler and  Baby Botox injections were recommended on my first visit to start prepping with party season in mind. I’ve had Botox before a few years ago but filler and microneedling? Both would be my first.

Megan saw the concern in my eyes and took the time to explain what each treatment would do. I learned that filler can often be noticeable pretty quickly whereas Botox can take a few weeks to see any difference. However, she and the doctors on staff assured me that they are advocates of a more natural look and would take a more gradual approach. No extreme swollen duck lips or cat woman looks here. That’s not their style and they also are well aware that when patients walk out the door they are the true representation of their work.

As much as I desired certain tweaks, I was relieved that Megan paid close attention to what I wanted to achieve and walked through what she thought were the best options. Aside from working at this office, I quickly learned that’s she’s also an artist. Her portraits of people and realism paintings gave me comfort as an  art lover, myself. When she showed me her work I could see her great detail in symmetry. I knew I was in the right hands.Botox-Form Face Body-Toronto- Medispa

A hint of filler (a gel like substance) and Botox helped lift my starting-to-droop eye lids. Within days I looked more fresh and less resting-bitch-face. The eyes lids were given a slight lift but doesn’t give “Spock eyes” as in Dr. Spock eyebrows if you know what I mean?  She also injected a little filler into my upper cheeks and some also around my mouth to make my smile lines not so pronounced.

Baby Botox was used to address some wrinkles on the forehead and the crowsfeet around the eyes. What is Baby Botox? Essentially it’s a more subtle approach to softening fine lines and offers a more natural look. Like full Botox it takes a few  weeks to settle.  Libby wrote about it here.

Both types injections need zero recovery time. It can be done quickly at their office and you can walk out and carry on with your day.

Additional Tips when getting fillers:

Plan on it during the day and not too late. Megan recommended that I didn’t lie on, touch or clean my face for at least four to six hours post treatment.

Any other treatments like microneedling should wait at least three or four days after filler/Botox.

Use high quality skin care products is important too. AlumierMD is a skin care line that I’ve used for several years and trusted by many skin care professionals. There are several products within the line that I have on rotation. For redness and hydration AlumierMD’s HydraCalm Lotion is a great one for post treatment to help with sensitive skin and redness.


It’s been over two weeks since I had the filler/botox visit and I’m amazed that the filler injected in my cheeks feel like nothing and appearance is ever so slight and natural looking. Megan mentioned that she was moving very conservatively to be sure I’m happy before moving forward with any more. She had mentioned that the filler can last 3 years or more. For someone like me who has lived with fat cheeks all my life, this use of filler has offered a subtle elongation that I would usually have to achieve with makeup contouring skills.

The slight brow lift has achieved my desire of not looking so tired with the droopy eye lids. My eyes gently more alert. And my cheeks shadowing are not as pronounced especially in photos! YAY!  Again, something I would definitely do again.

I’ll be heading in to try microneedling shortly and party season is just around the corner! Stay tuned for that.

BTW, consultations with Megan at Form Face and Body are complimentary. You can link here to learn more.

If you’re looking for more reconstructive surgery they offer that too with certified doctors and surgeons.