We’re feeling the latest spring and summer trend with everything in shades of lavender and it’s popping up everywhere. The modern pastel shade officially named “Digital Lavender” had already claimed the title  2023 Colour of the Year by Coloro and WGSN as forecasted in 2020.

Despite its technical sounding name, the colour was introduced  as “representing wellness and digital escapism. Recuperative rituals will become a top priority for consumers who want to protect and improve their mental health, and Digital Lavender will connect to this focus on wellbeing, offering a sense of stability and balance. Research suggests that colours with a shorter wavelength, such as Digital Lavender, evoke calmness and serenity. Already embedded in digital culture, we expect this imaginative colour to converge across virtual and physical worlds.”*

It went on to explain how it’s also a gender-inclusive colour that was first established in the youth market but was expected to extend this year into fashion and lifestyle segments.

“Its sensorial quality makes it ideal for self-care rituals, healing practices and wellness products, and this purple will also be key for consumer electronics, digitised wellness, mood-boosting lighting and homewares.”*digital lavender - colour of the year - trends

I’ve been naturally drawn to this lighter purple colour for the past few months. It’s came as a surprise for me since I’m usually drawn to more richer and deeper tones. Plus, that Taylor Swift song was stuck in my head for months!  I had first took note of the softer shade last summer at a collection preview with Canada Goose. It was an airy, light and stunning palate presentation.

It can certainly is a mood booster in the home a well — look for throws, cushions, candles, or even a fresh orchid plant to add a touch of it in your living spaces.

Here are more examples of this refreshing shade of purple (or close to) that I’ve come across that can be found now…

Apple iPhone 14 plus: if it’s time for a phone upgrade colour may be as important to you as the rest of the device. It can have a subtle effect on your everyday. I chose this optimistic shade and it brings so much. It’s the little things, right? But this phone also has a larger screen. It’s what I prefer especially since I’m constantly multi-tasking on my phone. Despite its larger size, it’s surprisingly  light in weight.  Photos also seem crisper and richer compared to my previous phone. Another great feature is the battery life that can last two days now — and trust me, I give my phone a serious workout each day!

apple iPhone 14 plus

Dean Davidson Lavender Haze Collection: My friends and I have been lusting over this Canadian jewellery designer’s iconic Plaza Ring. The gorgeous cocktail style ring seen on celebrities is one of his bestsellers. When it was recently introduced in the latest shade of Lavender Haze. We nearly fell off our chairs! It’s gorgeous!  Wear it casually everyday or to your next fancy dinner party.

Dean Davidson Lavender Haze

Dean Davidson Lavender Haze

CANADA GOOSE: Designed for everyday as an “effortless essential”. The classic fit Davie Jacket comes with an adjustable hood and waist for a more customized fit. Reflective touches help with more visibility. This jacket is also wind-resistant and water-repellant. Also, it’s textured finish on the fabric hides wrinkles making it the perfect jacket for packing on your travels.

Canada goose SS23

Jill Yoga: This active wear line has been all over social media with “mommy and me” matching outfit images. The stylish line of workout wear and errand running lifestyle are at surprisingly reasonable price points. We adore the Cozy Up Sherpa Jacket during these transition months to wear over our yoga wear. The company’s mission is to promote confidence and healthy active living. “Be Active, Be Bold, Be You” is their motto. And they want girls and women of all shapes and sizes to feel comfortable and confident in themselves. We like that!

Jill Yoga

Lululemon Cross Body Bag: This lightweight cross-body delivers plenty of space without weighing you down. Two zippered compartments let you keep essentials organized. Great for a casual outing in the city to carry your essentials. Cross body design keeps everything close to the body. Material is water-repellent.


Tonic Blooms: It’s easy enough to add a hint of different shades of purple into your home with a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers! I’ve been ordering Cymbids (same family as orchids) whenever I see them. They are hearty blooms that have lasted 3 weeks on my table. I have them above with the iPhone image. But also these “fancy tulips” are coming into season. This company delivers (Toronto & GTA) often same day or any day you need a boost.

Tonic Blooms

*Source: WGSN Insider