Released just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and a deluge of horrible green beer Innis & Gunn has given us their newest barrel aged beer, Kindred Spirits. This time teaming up with Tullamore Dew Whiskey, brewers aged their classic Scottish stout in triple distilled and triple blended whiskey barrels.

Despite it’s lineage this beer is not as intimating as it sounds. At a easy drinking 6.1% this dark and creamy pour overloads your senses with tons of dark chocolate and burnt caramel notes and just a hint of oak and ash. A lot of barrel aged beers can be overpoweringly boozy with that alcohol warmth spreading through your body. Kindred Spirits gives you all of the punch without the hair raising impact.

Pour it in a snifter for a perfect after dinner slow sipper and try pairing this beer with classic chocolate cake or a sticky toffee pudding. Or set out a cheese board and nibble on some complementary cheeses like aged cheddar, triple cream brie or Manchego. Grab an extra bottle and cellar it for an even better experience in a year or two.

Kindred Spirits is available now at select LCBO’s.