The weather here in Toronto has exactly what you would expect – cold and will only be getting colder. I wanted to offer a few cold weather clothing recommendations to keep you warm and stylish. I’m talking about coats, mittens, hats, and boots. You need all of these things to survive a typical Canadian winter.

Noize Coats – They offer environmentally conscious and cruelty-free unique seasonal collections and accessories. Noize designs rival those right off the runway from New York to Milan, they’re also conscious of the overwhelming damage to our planet caused by animal-derived materials. Their vegan furs and leather alternatives are equal in warmth, comfort and style — all without harming defenceless animals or wasting essential resources we all need to thrive. I have two Noize Coats and my daughter has two as well. Sonya, on our team, has four (?!) They also offer vegan fur, vegan wool, and vegan leather coats. A great brand that can build your coat wardrobe. I am focusing on parkas and puffers because it is getting cold and I want you to be stylish. And just in case you’re interested, they’ve also introduced a line of outerwear for dogs this year that are both stylish and functional.

Gigi Parka
Lauren Parka
Keva Puffer

Karter in Sulphur Yellow (use promocode: HARLEYFW15 for a discount)

Kombi Accessories – This family owned company was founded in 1961 in the city of Montreal. Their mission is to keep winter loves of all kinds warm from heat to toe. Best known for their carefully crafted gloves and mitts. They’ve since extended their warmth expertise to base layers, socks, hats, and cold weather accessories. They can outfit your entire family and their smart designs are infused with fashion and their products make the perfect gifts for the entire family. I have four children with ages ranging from 10 to 16 and they all like Kombi accessories. They have a cool factor and they keep the kids warm. I am showcasing my favourite items for us ladies. These picks range from items you wear running errands, running, skiing, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Cabin Knit Mittens- Adults
The Cabin Knit Mittens
Snazzy Down Mittens - Women
Snazzy Down Mittens
Maggie Faux Fur Mittens - Women
Maggie Faux Fur Mittens
Camp Knit Toque - Adults
Camp Knit Toque

Cougar Boots – Another Canadian family-owned business that began making shoes in a converted parachute plant in 1948. Cougar bas become a staple here in Canada with distribution around the globe. Cougar uses special tanning and waterproofing techniques with advanced cushioning technology to make sure your shoes are comfortable and long-lasting. Their Original Pillow Boot (here) is my favourite winter boot. My husband wore them as a child and my daughter and I wear the style now. A true Canadian classic. I’ve curated a few of my favourite boots to keep your toes warm and your style hot.

Cougar Shoes product image: Wahoo Nylon Winter Boot with PrimaLoft®
Wahoo Nylon Winter Boot with PrimaLoft
Cougar Shoes product image: Tacoma Shearling Winter Boot
Tacoma Shearling Winter Boot
Cougar Shoes product image: Vail Suede Tall Boot
Vail Suede Tall 
PAX Leather Silver

OLANG CANADA: If you’re worried about the ice like we are you may be interested in this European line that includes an innovative technology. Pivoting grips on the outer soles offer additional traction when you need it the most. An easy flip of the mechanism gives way to cleats discreetly. Boots are stylish, warm and perfect for the city explorers as well as weekend getaways. Sonya tells me this isn’t her first pair from this brand and certainly not the last. She also mentions they’ve been great for her daily walks with her dog. 
Glamour in Red

ECCO  is another company that we absolutely love and we’ve been pretty excited over the designs that have been coming out of this iconic Scandanavian company. Their urban approach to winter has caught our attention. This athletic influenced ankle-style boot has us running errands with ease this winter. Made for colder climates this is sure to be a favourite in the city when we don’t want anything too heavy and clunky. Crafted in premium ECCO leather, waterproof and breathable finish. Also has a wool lining for additional comfort and warmth. 
ECCO Soft 7 Wedge