Lash extensions have become routine for many and the beauty industry continues to evolve. N15 Lash & Beauty Salon is the most recent entry into the Toronto Market that’s caught my attention. What’s unique about this salon? The staff here is trained with precision in the art of lash application with the most advanced Japanese techniques and the materials used here are imported from Japan.

I remember the first time I tried eyelash extensions years ago – a store bought adhesive strip of lashes that was touted as simple to apply with the accompanying glue — I hated it. For me, it seemed so unrealistic and sat like a caterpillar on my eyelid. It was a heavy and distracting. Within a day, I pulled them off.  I then tried a few salon services over the past few years that were better but the cost? Gulp. $300.

I recently learned about N15 Lash & Beauty that opened recently at the corner of Queen & Yonge in Toronto. If the name sounds a bit familiar, they also have two highly-successful hair salons downtown that specializes in Japanese precision in their hair cuts, colour, and digital perms. The staff at all locations and all services offered are trained in the latest Japanese techniques before they are brought on board. The location at Bay and College offered lash services but it was apparent that it could easily spin-off to be its own stand-alone salon. Late in the fall of 2019, they did just that. Located at 1 Queen Street East, N15 Lash & Beauty Salon found its home. With entrances from the street as well as inside the office tower makes the location very accessible. Here they exclusively offer lash and brow services.

Manager Anita  tells me that most of the clientele, especially those working downtown, know what they want in terms of services. They have the Mink and Sable options (which are man-made fibres and the highest quality sourced from Japan) that are often requested but the newest lash material, Flat, is growing in popularity and trending in Japan. This new soft feathery material is touted as “ultra-weighless”and N15  is the only lash salon that offers them in Toronto.

The technicians offer consultation if you’re not sure what you are looking for or just want to know if there are better options suited to your wants. I prefer asking the experts what would be best suited for my eyes but we also discussed my comfort level. Starting with the three main styles: Classic, Hybrid, or Volume and then moved to the looks. Kana, my technician with over 7 years of experience in Japan and Australia, showed me a book of images of the different looks I can achieve. I was drawn to the “more open eyes” look and left it to her. There are other options, maybe next time I’ll try “Cat Eyes” for a more dramatic look now that I’ve built up some confidence!

She suggested the “hybrid” version using the “Flat” lashes for me. She applied 75 to 100 lashes during the session. Each applied to individual hair strands. She mentioned the length she chose was 8 – 10. There are a variety of length options. This was the right one for me. The Flat extensions are noticeably softer and more natural in look and feel compared to the Mink and Sable. I’m now convinced. Even the morning after I woke up wondering if I had dreamt this all up as it didn’t even feel like anything was on lashes. At the end of the service, they offered me some extra tips on how to take care of the lashes and prolong the wear. (see below)

N15 Lash & Beauty staff wants everyone to have a relaxing and enjoyable time at each visit. The reclining plush chairs and background music are conducive to napping. That was an added bonus and very common. Hey, since the service takes an hour or more and you cannot look at your phone — what else are you going to do? Think of it also as a screen break, which we could all use.

I wanted to learn more from Anita about what makes them so special…

What makes N15 different from other lash salons?

Our significant point of differentiation is our eyelash specialist’s superior technique, schooling, and knowledge, thereby enhancing lash retention and safety.  Most of our technicians have many years of experience lashing and has undergone extensive certification in Japan. In Canada, you can become a lash technician by taking a day course and get “certified” within the week. Given the lax rules in Canada, you see many individuals offering their services on Instagram and Kijiji after completing minimal training requirements.
In Japan, however, becoming a lash specialist requires the equivalent of getting a red seal hair license in Canada, requiring 2-3 years of full-time schooling to be certified as a lash technician.

All our technicians are highly trained/rated with the latest techniques from Japan. All our materials are imported from Japan. We offer classic, hybrid and volume lashes. We also offer mink, sable and flat lashes (the latest material in the industry with a hollow core that allows for greater lift and curl)

We also offer Upwardlash technique and Bindlock, which is the latest technique from Japan that allows higher durability and longer-lasting retention. None of our other competitors in the GTA offer this technique. We also offer lash perms, lash tinting and brow shaping treatments.

We’ve found the prices can range for lash services in the city, what should we know?

At N15, we endeavor to provide our clients with the most reasonable prices we can so that every client can enjoy beautifying their eyes every month without breaking the bank. Frankly, we are shocked that some places will charge $200-300 plus for their services. We simply don’t operate under the principle to gouge our clients.

While there are cheaper alternatives, such as at-home services and some other salons, we believe our pricing fairly reflects our quality, technician skill, technician experience, our central and convenient location, and overall experience. If the prices at a salon are too good to be true, it probably is for many reasons.

How should we prepare for the service?

It is preferred that the client has no mascara or does not have their lashes manually curled beforehand. Another important tip, no eye cream on prior to your appointment.

How long do the lash extensions last?

About 3 weeks to 1 month. Your natural lashes actually shed/re-grow like your hair. They will fall off as each of your lashes reaches its own maturity cycle.

A few helpful tips and tricks to maximize lash wear:

Please be especially careful not to get your lashes wet for 5-6 hours after you have extensions done – creams and oils can cause your extensions to fall off more quickly

Avoid sweaty activities after your appointment until the glue has fully dried and set (5 -6 hours is recommended). So,  Hot yoga class can wait.

If you choose to wear Mascara on your extensions, avoid oil- or waterproof-based formula. Avoid oil-based eye cleansers. And when cleaning, don’t scrub or towel your face in an up and down motion and gently clean the eye area.

We highly recommend using a Lash Coating Essence daily to provide eyelash nutrition while reinforcing the adhesion bond between your natural lash and eyelash extension. Apply once in the morning and once at night and it can extend the time of your lashes by 50 percent.

For more information, visit . They are also offering a 20% discount for our friends and followers. Mention Promo Code: N15Sonya when booking.

Here’s my before and after!