The holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to find something unique for the stoner or cannacurious in your life. I tried to find something for every price range because, let’s be honest, you have to reeeeallly like someone to spend hundreds of dollars on them but even your closest frenemy warrants a $20 stocking stuffer.

Coast to Coast is back with an updated version of their popular Cannabis Advent Calendar

A cannabis advent calendar is always a welcome treat and this one can be customized in so many different ways that you are sure to find something for everyone. It can be smokable/edible/focused, a combo of different types of stuff with the cost reflecting the content you choose.

North F8 Liv Grinder

This grinder is elegant enough to leave out on the coffee table and even your mom won’t notice

A grown woman wants a grinder that isn’t covered in pot leaves and this one is gorgeous. This one is perfect for the discreet pot smoker in your life who loves pretty things.

 Botanical Reversible Robe

This pretty robe is perfect for chilling over the holidays. Allume, launched in 2018 by multidisciplinary creative Camille Chacrais, is a company that strives to design modern accessories while supporting equity orientated organizations

Lead with the weed print or flip it inside out for a more subtle statement

Levo 2 Herbal Infuser

This machine is a bit of an investment but for all in one decarbing and infusing, you can’t beat it. The original Levo only infused so I felt like it was a lot of money to spend on a machine that still required me to find a way to decarboxilate the flower but I feel like this new machine justifies the hefty $400 price tag.
Not only can you infuse all manner of oils, butter, cream etc to make edibles, but you can also whip up your own infused salves, balms, candles and creams. It’s mess-free and you don’t have to be a chemist to figure it out – any dry herb can be used so you can also use dried culinary herbs to make non THC infusions as well. Okay, so maybe you want to gift this one to yourself and that is okay.

Levo 2

Comes in tons of colours with lots of fun add ons like gummy making kits

Flower Stampede Lipstick Pipe

Leave it to female owned, Canadian Cannabis business to come out with this adorable Lipstick Pipe, a great gift for the discreet friend who doesn’t want to fly her weed flag for all to see lol. At just $20 it makes a great stocking stuffer.

Lipstick Pipe

Take advantage of the BOGO sale, buy two for $30 and keep one for yourself.

Drake General Store Canna Leaf Embroidered Ornament

What tree doesn’t deserve a little green? Give your spruce a lux look with Drake General Store’s embroidered ornament. Great to give as a stocking stuffer, or maybe wrapping up a half-quarter and handing it over works too. No judgement. $16.95.

drake-general-store canna leaf

Redawna’s North 40 Canna Brittle

Redawna’s passion for creating delicious canna-treats has been well-documented by our team, and now partnered up with North 40 to create a potent almond brittle has us dreaming of the potential. Make a s’more? Sure. Crush some on ice cream? Why not.

Redawna's Almond Brittle @ North 40


Grab this limited edition Aurora Daily Special Cranberry Sauce vape cartridge for some holiday flavour. It packs and 80% THC of Christmas cheer with a festive cranberry flavour to complement your turkey dinner. Buy two and give one as a stocking stuffer and keep the second for yourself!

Available this season at most cannabis retailers. Click here to find one near you