In a perfect world, I’d have the perfect washboard abs and an hourglass figure. IRL, it’s all too easy to supplement weeks of consistent core workouts with weeks of bed rotting. Enter the truBody treatments consisting of truSculpt and truFlex. This is a celeb-loved hack for burning fat and getting a six-pack. The truFlex treatments claim to give the equivalent results of 54,000 crunches or 10,000 squats in a 15-minute session. truSculpt treatments can burn up to 24% of body fat. truFlex treatments have a major fan in former Miss Universe and influencer Olivia Culpo (who is also an official ambassador). She says it “cinched” her waist. 

truSculpt is a non-invasive procedure that permanently destroys fat cells in a targeted area of your body (lower belly, abdomen, arms, back, thighs, etc.), using high-heat radiofrequency. Aside from removing fat cells deep beneath your skin’s subcutaneous layer, the treatment also contours the body, increases skin laxity (tightening loose skin), and reduces cellulite. It takes about 12 weeks to see full results post-procedure.

According to the Cutera website, the technology is clinically proven to provide an average of 24% fat reduction. Cosmetic consultant, Hayam Rozik of The Lip Doctor in Toronto, tells me I need to do two truSculpt treatments. One to start the process and then two months later for the final treatment. In between these sessions are the truFlex treatments. So in total, there are six treatments. She was upfront with me about the commitment you need to make to start this journey. If you aren’t going to finish the full six sessions within the time frame needed, you likely won’t get the results you’re looking for. 

The truSculpt appointment and post-procedure downtime

While most of the forty-five-minute appointment is prep (chatting through your target area(s) with your medical technician, mapping out the areas on your body, and taking ‘before’ pictures), the truSculpt pods are only on your body for 15 minutes total. Activated in groups of two, the pods increasingly heat up in a series of 60, 30, 15, and 5-second bursts, which makes time fly as they constantly rotate throughout.

The level of heat was much stronger than I expected, especially on my arms where I opted to get my treatment done. I found the arm area more noticeable in sensation than the abdomen, the second treatment area I decided to target. After the session, seeing the sweat drip off my body once the pods were removed—without having moved a single limb—was pretty worth it.


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Once the full six-pod cycle was over, I dressed and was out the door in less than five minutes. There’s little to no downtime post-procedure since truSculpt is completely non-surgical. Aside from making sure to hydrate, avoiding extreme temperatures like hot showers, and keeping a normal diet/exercise regimen, I was able to go right back to my daily routine.

I was, however, quite sore on my arms for a while after and had some light bruising. I didn’t experience this on my stomach, but my arms were very sensitive for some reason. From here, I waited about a week and started the four required sessions of truFlex.

Was truSculpt worth it, and would I recommend it?

Even though it’s only been about four weeks since my treatment, I can already tell my stomach has begun to slim down and is showing a bit of new definition. Based on others’ reviews that I’ve obsessively googled pre- and post-appointment, I can’t wait to see what I look like once the full results take effect in the next two months. It is worth noting that I do regularly work out and eat pretty healthy consistently. I think the combination of this has made the treatment more successful.

Given how easy, efficient, and somewhat painless (my arms would disagree) the truSculpt experience was, I’m already looking forward to my final session to complete the treatment series. Based on the incredible before and after pictures Rozik from The Lip Doctor showed me, I’m excited to see how my body will benefit from the treatment. 

I would recommend this treatment for someone who is dealing with stubborn fat loss. Areas like the lower abdomen region can be really difficult to burn off. So, if you’re dealing with stubborn fat loss or someone who is looking to get ready for a special event in a short amount of time, I would recommend this treatment. With anything though, consult your technician to see if you are a fit. Ensure that you don’t have any underlying conditions. 

What is truFlex?

In layman’s terms, truFlex is an in-office body treatment designed to strengthen, firm, and tone muscles. It’s the second piece of the puzzle of this entire body contouring phenomenon. Small, wired pads are applied to various muscle groups using multidirectional stimulation technology to contract, confuse, and ultimately fatigue muscles. Think of it like a hyper-targeted, super-effective workout done lying down and completed within 15 minutes. 

Cosmetic consultant, Rozik says, “Within four 15-minute sessions, you’ll get better results than from 1 year of consistently going to the gym. The handpiece design is completely customizable for both larger and smaller areas. You can target specific areas of concern and achieve the precise results in a shorter time.” I opted to target my abdomen area and my hamstrings for this treatment. 

In terms of the sessions, you need four of them, spaced four days between each session. This is a commitment you need to make before starting the treatments because if you don’t, you are risking not getting the results you want.

We asked the experts…Is truSculpt too good to be tru(e)?

Olivia Verbit, fitness coach at AJF Coaching says to consider a few things before moving forward. “If this treatment is being used as the only modality to build muscle and lose fat, the results will not be significant.” She continues, “If someone with an already healthy lifestyle who eats properly, weight trains and does cardiovascular exercise wants to try a new method to take themselves to the next level, I don’t see the harm in using the truFlex or truSculpt. However, I would not recommend this as a quick fix to get out of practising healthy habits.”

“With anything, you need to make sure you are eating healthy and staying active outside of these treatments. You need to do the work outside of the sessions as well.” Rozik says. Verbit agrees. She adds, “Scientifically, diet and exercise play a large role in our body composition. If these two things are not accounted for, treatments will make little to no difference.” 

I do think that having realistic expectations is the key to any treatment like this. We don’t all have bodies like Olivia Culpo if you know what I mean.

Pads stimulate and trigger muscles, truSculpt in treatment

Post-Op Skincare Hacks to Heal Quick

Since this procedure is also considered to be no-risk with no prep or downtime, it’s easy to see why it’s becoming so popular — especially among A-listers. Culpo, the former Miss America and ambassador for truFlex said in an article, “There is a light contracting sensation and it definitely tickles. I am super ticklish, and I was laughing so hard throughout my sessions!” After reading this, either I have a low pain tolerance or they had the settings set lower for her sessions. I found the sessions to be difficult at times depending on the intensity of the machine. I even got a cramp in my hamstrings on my final session as we attempted to increase the intensity.

The truFlex appointment and post-procedure downtime

Similar to the truSculpt appointment, I was in and out of The Lip Doctor’s office within 30 minutes of arriving. 15-minute treatment plus getting undressed, having the pods put on/off my body, redressed and booking my next appointment. Immediately after the session, the treatment areas had a light prickly sensation. This is from the muscles calming down after the intense contractions. 

For truFlex, there is no downtime other than maybe a bit of soreness, like the afterburn of a hard workout. I did have some soreness after my sessions but it subsided within a day or so.

Was truFlex worth it, and would I recommend it?

I would say yes to both. The contractions induced by truFlex are significantly more intense than physical exercise. A fit adult can only perform up to 20-40 crunches (depending on fitness level) per set before reaching a point of exhaustion. Any more than this, you’re looking at compromising your form. This obviously defeats the purpose. 

If you are someone who can’t gain muscle quickly or have experienced an injury and need to strengthen their muscles, this is a great treatment to explore.

One thing to note though that Verbit tells me is “If someone is doing everything correctly in and outside the gym such as following a structured, progressive program, eating a well-balanced high protein, high macronutrient diet, managing stress levels, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, etc. and still failing to see weight loss or building muscle, I would suggest they see a functional practitioner, Dr, or someone who specializes in internal health. The chances are, it is most likely a result of something going on internally, like a hormonal imbalance, for example.”

How much does it cost?

Though costs will vary depending on the location and provider you choose, a complete series of sessions at The Lip Doctor is currently having a promotion for $4,500 — which includes four to six treatments per area. After that, patients can opt to maintain results with single sessions performed on a roughly quarterly basis. So for those looking to finally hit their fitness goals or break past that gym plateau, truSculpt and truFlex just might be worth the investment.

*While this treatment was provided free of charge, all opinions are authentic and honest. Thank you truSculpt, truFlex, Cutera and The Lip Doctor for your partnership.