When it comes to hair tools, we often think about what helps us achieve our desired looks in the most convenient and fasted way possible. That’s what we were after in the 80s and 90s. Fast and convenient was the game. Along the way, technology wasn’t just about convenience and quick but we started paying attention to choosing healthier options for our hair. I admit I am obsessed with haircare beyond the immediate end game. Everything from products to the drying and styling tools right down to the type of hair ties I use, it all matters in maintaining healthy hair. The new Shark SmoothStyle just came into the market and I was interested in seeing what it can do.

What is it?

The Shark SmoothStyle offers the ability to straighten, volumize, and smooth hair from wet to dry all in one. A healthier way to dry and straighten without heat damage that can happen with many tools in the marketplace today.

SHARK SmoothStyle - hair

What can it do?

  • Straighten and Smooth
  • Dries hair with no heat damage
  • Volumize hair with one tool
  • Offers both WET hair and DRY hair modes

SHARK SmoothStyle - hair

How to use it?

This one-and-done tool has a built in brush so no need to fiddle around with extra barrels to achieve blow out looks we love getting from our hairstylist at the salon. What also makes this tool unique is its Heated Comb Technology that uses less heat which in turn is healthier for our hair.

To use directly on WET (damp) hair there are three heat settings. A quick style guide is easy and fast to understand how to brush through. Be sure to take sections at a time for even drying results. Once hair is dry, you can switch the setting to DRY hair mode to quickly run over the hair to create a smooth finish.

SHARK SmoothStyle - hairSHARK SmoothStyle - hair


On my first try, I decided to use it without really reading the instructions. Why? Because I know some of us would do that. I don’t think it’s about being lazy. We just have become accustomed to our devices being more intuitive to our needs.

Using it was straight forward. Logically, I could figure out how to achieve that fresh out of the salon style once I got the hang of NOT having a brush in one hand and a dryer in the other. It felt liberating to have brush, dryer and smoother in one. To be honest, I never really was ever coordinated enough to get to the back of my hair. But the quick guide that accompanied this tool helped with easy tips to get started.

Yes, you can use it while your hair is wet but by “wet” they mean 70% dry. Achieved by manually drying with your hair towel. It didn’t take too long for my hair to feel just damp rather wet. I tried all three settings and found the third setting worked the best with my hair type as I rolled the brush through my strands. I would also turn the barrel at the front outwards to achieve a slight wave around my face to give that “effortless” style.

On my second attempt I read the styling guide. I was reminded to towel dry my hair as much as possible before using the Shark SmoothStyle. Take small portions of the hair while using the WET mode and rolling the brush slowly. There’s a cool tip at the end of the tool if you wanted to control the brush while in use. I

Rolling slowly also provided the desired volumizing I would get from my stylist. The wider part of the brush helped to provide optimum drying without damaging the strands. Then, once dried I switched the setting to DRY hair mode and ran the side of the brush down the hair that appear to help with any fly-away hairs for a smooth finish.

It felt like my hair was softer and shinier after using this tool. This was also achieved without any products. But I did complete the process with a finishing spray (I use the brand Ouai).

By the way, the DRY setting is also good for refreshing your hair even after a couple days without washing. Which I find helpful since I now only wash my hair twice or even once a week. I find especially as the cooler weather returns, I don’t need to wash as often. So this touch up has offered a sleeker look.

SHARK SmoothStyle - hair

Can it be used on any hair type?

According to the company, yes! I have straight hair but the with wavy, curly, and coily hair can use this to achieve that straight and smooth look with less heat damage than traditional tools.

I look forward to testing it out more in the winter months when at that static comes into play. Keep an eye on my socials!

The Shark SmoothStyle for hair retails for $159.99 msrp.