I’m discovering more and more friends taking to needles — I’m not talking about for tattoos or facial treatments but knitting needles. This forever past-time is making a strong comeback  and it’s no surprise. For years of living in fast-lane many of us are look for ways to slow down.

The art of knitting is often thought of as a hobby exclusively for grannies but the benefits of knitting has been embraced by younger communities as both a fashion trend and health practice.  Knitting also acts as a conduit to reduce stress levels, exercise memory, combat hyperactivity, and increase overall happiness. Often described as “the new yoga”, celebrities including Demi Lovato, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and Krysten Ritter  have all expressed their love of knitting.

As the trend of picking up the knitting needles grows stronger, we’re seeing some pretty interesting patterns and kits pop up in the marketplace. European-based DIY knitting kit company We Are Knitters (Spain) have just confirmed their expansion into the Canadian marketplace. We love their kits that include everything inside – they also offer a great range in levels of difficulty from newbies to experts with step-by-step directions on how to complete a piece. Think classic scarves, blankets, beach bags, baskets, baby toys and more.  Curated collections and brand collabs are popping up in retailers including Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Galleries Lafayette.

For more information on where to get their happiness in knitting kits visit www.weareknitters.ca