So, I was recently given something pretty special. I’m trying to become more minimal (no, not really), but I know I don’t need much. Trying not to hoard is really what I’m trying to say. I’m very appreciative of this gift and it’s really not from someone who’s THAT close to me. Think of it more of a “token of appreciation”. It was a complete surprise to me when it was delivered. But truthfully, the moment I had received it I immediately thought of my friend, I’ll call her Rachel, who is a collector of this fine item that I have in my possession.

Here’s where I’m stuck. Although Rachel and I don’t exchange gifts I’d love to give this to her. As much as I  absolutely adored receiving this gift, I just think the joy it would bring Rachel would be even more fulfilling. I would tell her how I had received the item in the first place.

So, what’s the etiquette here? Is it “gauche” to give it something away that was a gift to you? I mean, I wouldn’t hide the fact that it was a gift. I also don’t want her to feel like she had to reciprocate. I’m not that kind of person. One of my life mottos is “give without expectations” and I think she knows that.

I would actually say that in the past, if I had received a gift that I knew was regifted to me (and it has happened! It was actually something I gave to that person originally), I would have been a bit upset. I would have thought that person a) didn’t like it in the first place and b) they didn’t even remember I gave it to them.

But now, as I try to be more understanding, I would just accept things graciously no matter where, and how, it came. I’m also a firm believer in doing this from the heart.

How did this whole regifting thing start anyway? There are stories that it was actually a Seinfeld episode that made it popular and more acceptable. According to Webster’s Dictionary to Regift is to give an unwanted gift to someone else; to give as a gift something one previously received as a gift.

There’s even a unofficially recognized National Regifting Day.  This year, it’s December 21, 2017. (I’ll be emailing Rachel right after I publish this to see if she’s available LOL)

So, thoughts? What’s the etiquette here? Advice columnist Emily Post has interesting thoughts on the subject matter. Is there anything wrong with regifting? She says it would hurt feelings if it’s discovered and inheritantly deceitful. Oh.  Link here.

Heather on our team here also tells us that according to an American Express 2015 survey, 76% of US Americans believe regifting is socially acceptable. But if planning to do so, be sure to re-gift in different social and family circles. Also, remove all traces of the original giving, including handwritten notes and cards.

And here are some interesting findings on Google Trends Canada. According to their research data, it’s no surprise to see a spike in searches on this topic closer to the holiday season. But it appears that Ontarians are the ones that searches the topic of  regifting the most.

As of December 13, 2017. Source: Google Trends Canada

So, have you regifted? We’re curious to find out what’s acceptable?