Feel like some of Vikram Vij’s famous Butter Chicken Schnitzel but don’t want to fly out west to satisfy your craving? Don’t worry, because Chefdrop has come to the rescue. Vij will join local chefs like Nuit Regular, Rob Gentile, Elia Herrera, Phil Nguyen and many others.

Chefdrop offers us access to amazing meal kits prepared by some of the top restaurants/chefs in Toronto. Maybe you aren’t quite ready for indoor dining or just want to treat your guests to a special night in. Either way, these meal kits come to you almost ready to go. Everything is measured out, many of the elements are already made for you and will require, at most, some heating up and plating. So many of my favourite restaurants serve up my favourite dishes and you can mix and match them. Ascari’s carbonara followed by Pavlova from Amano Trattoria in the comfort of my own home while I binge tv in my PJs? Yes, please.

Chef Vikram Vij is everywhere.

He is a chef, cookbook author, sommelier, restauranteur and former Dragon.

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Born in India, he made his way to Canada via Austria, where he did his chef’s training. The butter chicken schnitzel is a testament to his training mixed with his cultural culinary heritage. Vij has been a culinary force to reckoned with ever since. Since opening Vij’s in Vancouver in 1994, he has continued to grow his empire in BC. At last, we can all enjoy a taste of Vikram’s delicacies here in Ontario.

As of today, Chef Vikram Vij is joining the team with a selection of his most popular dishes:

Naan Pizza: Chef Vikram Vij shares the recipe behind his favourite snack, Naan Pizza. Featuring fresh Naan topped with crispy roasted oyster mushroom, a rich and creamy fenugreek curry with a sprinkling of fresh cilantro and garam masala, Chef Vikram’s Naan Pizzas are the ultimate Indian-inspired snack.

Butter Chicken Schnitzel: Combining Eastern and Western flavours, this cherished recipe was created for Chef Vikram’s daughters when they were younger and has since become a regular indulgence in his home. Enjoy crispy, breaded chicken cutlets topped with a creamy and flavourful butter sauce and spicy mash and peas served with fresh naan.

Pakoras: This popular fritter made with black chickpeas and Indian spices is a featured menu item at Chef Vikram Vij’s restaurants. Enjoy the taste of homemade pakoras without the labour of love! These vegan pakoras are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with an intense flavour that is perfectly balanced with a sweet and tart Tamarind Chutney.

Spinach Paneer: A perfectly spiced, tomato-based curry with spinach and paneer, a rich and mild Indian cheese made from whole milk makes for a simple, wholesome meal that is a staple in Indian cuisine. Paired with rice and fresh naan, cozy up to a bowl of Chef Vikram Vij’s signature Spinach Paneer Curry– comfort food, redefined!

Short Rib Korma: The word ‘korma’ meaning ‘to braise’, features braised beef short rib in a rich and spiced korma sauce. The signature korma sauce is made by reducing cream and whole spices until it becomes a thick, gravy-like consistency. Paired with fresh and tangy cucumber raita to balance the intensity of the korma, Chef Vikram Vij delivers an unforgettable Indian dining experience to Chefdrop.  


You can order from these two full meal kits too:

Vikram’s Fan Favourites: A tasting menu featuring all of Chef Vikram’s favourite snacks, including his signature Black Chickpea Pakoras, served with Tamarind Chutney, Naan Pizzas with Crispy Oyster Mushrooms and Fenugreek Curry, and lastly, a cherished family recipe, Butter Chicken Schnitzels with Spicy Mashed and Peas.

Vikram’s Family Feast: Bring home the full Indian meal experience with Vikram’s Family Feast! Featuring all of Chef Vikram Vij’s exclusive meal kits, host the ultimate dinner for 8 with this epic spread of Mushroom Naan Pizzas, Pakoras and Tamarind Chutney, Butter Chicken Schnitzel, Spinach Paneer Curry and Short Rib Korma.


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