Filter is ready to set this month on fire. As April ushers in the freshness of spring, it also brings us closer to 4/20. 4/20 is, of course, the annual day of celebration for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. As we gear up for this once-a-year occasion, a sense of unity among those in the cannabis community undeniably ignites. There’s a burgeoning curiosity about how to commemorate the day beyond the traditional puffs and passes. In short, it’s a search for the new cannabis culture.

Filter is your Introduction to the Culture

Enter Filter: an innovative lifestyle series poised to elevate your 4/20 experience by unlocking a deeper understanding and appreciation of cannabis culture. Get ready to be part of a journey that transcends the smoke and mirrors. You will be invited to explore, participate, and transform the way you see this versatile plant.

filter-x-blondies-pizza cannabis culturee
The Blondies Pizza episod

Created by Coolhunter Films, a division of Digital 55, Filter aims to spark curious conversations and highlight underrepresented voices within the cannabis community. It’s not just about getting high; it’s about living well, creating, and optimizing your mind and body, but also engaging with your community.

Transforming Cultural Perceptions

Executive Producer Lauralee Sheehan says that creating cultural content on Cannabis has been interesting, as it’s still relatively inaccessible and stigmatized from a storytelling perspective. The Filter channel is working to document the now of it all, with a feeling that is exciting and real, a bit unpolished, like early MTV, BET or Much Music days, where the documenting of culture helps redefine the culture.

As the global perception of cannabis undergoes a profound transformation, driven by changing laws and an increased understanding of its potential benefits, Filter steps into the spotlight as a trailblazer. Not only reshaping the conversation but supporting a new era of informed, sophisticated cannabis enthusiasts.

Filter Approachable Conversations

One thing the Filter team is trying to do, especially as they gear up to release Season 1 on the channel, is focus on approachable conversations with that early nineties, pre-social media vibe. Lauralee Sheehan (EP) and Associate Producer and Host, Kyle Merkley, were both part of the music scene in those days and had a front-row seat to the major shifts and disruptions in the industry and in turn, the culture.

Lauralee Sheehan- Filter
Lauralee Sheehan- Filter

In a way, Cannabis is going through something similar, and the tone of the project needs to stay approachable and curious. Both Lauralee and Kyle want to make it feel like a conversation between friends, with some knowledge drops included.

In Season 1, Filter shows how canna-curious viewers can:

🥦 Integrate cannabinoids into their everyday diet, according to Chef Pat Newton
🥦 Improve their mental health and wellness as it did for Cannabis and Wine Enthusiast
Theran Ross and Adrian Stein, Chief Beverage Operator
🥦 Benefit from new developments in terpenes and flavonoids, according to Cannabis
Sommelier and Educator Tamara Lilien
🥦 Maximize medicinal and recreational cannabis use to reduce inflammation, ease anxiety
and expedite recovery after exercise, as explained by Ashley Orr, Wim Hoff Instructor
and Cannabis Consultant
🥦 Cure the munchies at iconic Toronto eateries: Bang Bang Ice Cream, Pho Tien Than,
Blondies Pizza and Côte de Boeuf

So, as you mark your calendars for 4/20, stay tuned for the premiere of Filter later this month. 
This series is more than just about cannabis—they’re about community, education, and, as a result, the
breaking down of stigmas. Join the journey with Filter, and be part of the wave that’s, indeed, reshaping
perceptions, one unscripted episode at a time.

All images courtesy Filter.