International Women’s Day is here, and we’re delighted to champion the women in our worlds who inspire us, push us and motivate us to be our best. Auburn Lane is dedicated year round to highlighting women’s achievements, with our #wcw posts on Insta, to our interviews and profiles on women in business, tech and culinary. We’re passionate about propelling things forward and bringing balanced media, and telling stories that are unique.

In that lens, here a few Canadian women who have shaken up their industries, that have inspired us to be better, and have driven us to do more.

Margot’s background in education and her commitment to curating a path to wellness for everyone, of all abilities is totally inspiring. Margot’s brand of wellness, Body Harmonics just turned twenty this year, offering training to fitness enthusiasts, of all abilities. What began as a training school for teachers morphed into two locations and a collection of workout classes and workshops, notably including a class she personally subsidizes for those with movement and neurological disorders like MS. Her mantra? Make it relevant. We can get behind that.

Margot McKinnon- Photo Courtesy Body Harmonics

HAYLEY ELSAESSER: Canadian designer known for her bubbly personality and equally cheery line of bright and colourful styles is a favourite of ours. We are not only big fans of her joyful designs but also her smart business sense. Her creative collaborations with international brands are thoughtful – recently, she created a limited edition backpack with Microsoft Surface Go with 100% of the proceeds going to Rainbow Railroad- a charity that supports the LGBTQ community.  has recently grabbed our attention for her open letter to the fashion community. The letter truthfully offers insight working behind the scenes, and in front, of Canadian Fashion Week. It questions what it truly means also for us as consumers, and fashion lovers, to be supportive our our home grown talent.

GRAYDON  MOFFAT: Founder of Graydon Skincare began her journey to create better skin care products when she went through several personal life-changing health concerns. She was looking to heal herself and discovered that she had the power to transform herself through changing her diet. Before the term ‘superfood’ came on trend she was already deeply involved in researching how pure plant based ingredients could nourish both inside and out. She’s passionate in ensuring her products are well-tested and thoroughly researched. She’s also fully transparent in everything about her company. Her ingredient labels read like ingredients in a recipe that we call can understand.

HILARY MACMILLAN: The Canadian based contemporary fashion designer founded her line in 2013. Hilary MacMillan is for the adventurous and fashion aware woman who likes bold prints, inspired fabrics, and effortlessly conscientious fashion. In 2016, the Canadian designer  made a commitment to focus on being cruelty-free; no longer using leather, fur, exotic skins, or feathers in any of her garments. Proudly being one of Canada’s top choices for vegan womenswear and 100% cruelty-free.

BRIE CODE: Founder of #SelfCare

Brie is the CEO and creative director of Toronto-based studio Tru Luv. She is focused on diversifying the gaming industry in a way that welcomes female gamers after working as a lead artificial intelligence (AI)  programmer at Ubisoft. Her app, Tru Luv’s first app #SelfCare launched last year, which she calls an “AI companion” instead of an app or a game, is a free, simple, and beautiful companion for relaxation and mindfulness. In the app, users take care of a character through relaxing interactions. In your virtual bedroom, you can select calming tasks that generate satisfaction and uncomplicated harmony.

ROBYN EXTON: CEO and Founder of HER

Robyn created HER because there was no dating app that had truly been built for and views issues through the eyes of women. The app, then called Dattch, was first launched for lesbian, bisexual and queer women. They rebranded and renamed the app HER over a 6 month period to become inclusive of all gender identities and sexualities. Her app, HER is a dating app released in 2015 and mirrors the way women meet and talk in real life, with a social space for group conversations, shared content and an easy way to connect with others about the things you care about most. The app was initially launched on iPhone given the fact that research showed a large user base using iOS. HER is the world’s first and largest community of queer women, amassing a global network of over 3 million individuals across 55 countries.

MAAYAN ZIV: Founder of AccessNow

Maayan was inspired to create AccessNow after growing up with a disability, using a wheelchair her entire life and constantly facing lack of information on whether locations were accessible for her. Her app, AccessNow shares accessibility information around the world, allowing individuals with disabilities to pin-point and rate accessible restaurants, stores, hotels, and more on an interactive map though the power of crowdsourcing. AccessNow launched iOS exclusive, later growing to include Android. AccessNow has been available since 2016, is available in 35 countries and has more than 26,000 places pinned.

We’re constantly on the look out for Canadian women who inspire, know of anyone we should consider featuring? Leave us a comment or shoot over an email and we’ll share with our editorial team to check out!