The Beauty of Eczema takes an optimistic approach to tackle this skin affliction. Both my daughters share this common childhood condition, and while every year the condition seems to wane, it’s never totally gone. Flare-ups can be triggered by just about anything; diet, sleep, stress, seasonal weather changes….and then there’s pesky genetics.

the beauty of eczema

After a terrible allergy season last year with my youngest, we had to change everything: detergents, creams, medications, even the Doctor. This year was so drastically different. Her legs were bloody and raw, itching led to more scratching, an inevitable loop of misery for everyone involved, but especially for her. It sucked.

So when I was asked to demo the line of The Beauty of Eczema I had my doubts. And my scoffs. And a few pfffts too. But science is changing! It has been a decade since she was diagnosed with the disease. Instead of your typical over-the-counter steroid creams, there’s research to prove there are alternatives that won’t deplete your skin.

The founder of TBOE wrote a companion book on how she found her way from a scabby puffy mess in a hospital bed to a completely clear and positive person. It was something that doesn’t rely on anti-depressants and harsh steroids. “Eczema isn’t the enemy, it’s your friend who’s showing up saying what needs to change,” says Camille. It’s a reminder to slow down, dial into how you’re treating your mind and body, an opportunity to address the bigger issues.


Vegan and all-natural, The Beauty of Eczema aims to take the sting, literally, out of skincare. Common additions to most topical treatments can cause bad reactions. Anything with sulfate is sure to set my daughter off, so the naturally-derived formula is so important. The brand conquers the calamity of dry itchy skin, without being clinical and basic. The scent is uplifting and pampering, a key component in Camille’s ethos for not just getting rid of eczema, but living a full and better life.

the beauty of eczema


Supporting her theory that diet, exercise, sleep, stress and happiness all factor into battling this affliction, Camille’s accompanying book promote healing from within. Nurturing your diet and mind with delicious healthy food. Supporting your spirit with meaningful connections, soulful friendships and embracing the great outdoors are also equally important.

She’s quite deliberate and specific in her words, something that adds insight to just how horrendous her condition was. But her optimism is downright contagious, resiliency and brutal honesty were themes that carried each chapter.

If you’re seeking a more natural solution to dry winter skin, eczema or not, check out the full line of The Beauty of Eczema at Shoppers Drug Mart.

All images by Libby Roach.