Spring is finally here, so it’s time to rethink your skincare routines. With the gentle arrival of more moderate temperatures, our skin requirements shift. The change is subtle but significant now that the furnace isn’t running at full tilt and vitamin D is beaming into our pores.

Aside from starting with a clean and fresh face, here are some ways to look refreshed this spring.


After cleansing with your favourite facial soap (we love Vivier’s Ultra Foaming Cleanser), it’s time to lock in residual moisture to prevent your skin from drying. We love the lightweight feel of boscia’s Sake Treatment Water. This vitamin-rich water reduces redness and improves skin elasticity. It instantly feels refreshing and is easy to stack onto your next steps.

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Serums may seem like a step you can skip, but in our books, they’re non-negotiable. Super-potent and easily absorbable, serums are mandatory for ALL skin types. No matter what condition you’re facing, there is a serum out there for it.

Dehydration, acne, pro-ageing, brown spots or a dull uneven complexion can all be managed with the correct serum. New innovative blends pack a punch, offering double-duty solutions for tricky and common skin conditions.

Vitamin C is an especially popular serum base. The citrusy base for this skin smoother is good for all skin types. The potency percentage for vitamin C formulations indicates how aggressive the treatment will be. Most vitamin C formulas start at 5%, but the new offering from boscia Vitamin C with Caviar Lime Booster Serum is an impressive 10% vitamin C strength. What difference does that make? A lot. Most skin types can easily tolerate an advanced approach, like this heavy-duty serum.

Also formulated to achieve results quicker, Noon Aesthetics Vitamin C serum is a high concentration of Stable Vitamin C, weighing in at 11% it is only available through a dermatologist. Plankton extract is added to provide a dose of antioxidants that also help repel pollution and toxins.

Exfoliating skin without an abrasive granular texture protects skin against microtears and breakage. Do not use those rough compounds to reveal fresh skin. Mimic the spa treatment at home with this gentle exfoliator instead.

boscia vit c caviar lime serum


More invasive treatments can provide huge benefits. Turbo boosting your collagen, smoothing out acne scars and improving your pores, micro-needling is a must-try. The standard route of using tiny needles to plump skin with hyaluronic acid works well, but those looking for more from each treatment should explore PRP. PRP, or the ‘vampire facial’ uses your own plasma, spun in a centrifuge to extract the platelets to improve your skin’s texture and tone. Read all about micro-needling here.

Less invasive options include the at-home CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Mask. Stimulate collagen production and cell renewal without any downtime or spa appointments. Harnessing near-infrared and red light wavelengths the masks may look slightly goofy but are clinically proven to work. Acne sufferers show significant improvement with restored blood circulation. Use five times a week for 10 mins for maximum benefits.

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If even the shadiest plant can survive on it, then it’s too much light for your skin to tolerate. No matter your skin tone or type, everyone needs an SPF. Between protecting against premature ageing to preventing brown spots and wrinkles, there’s no reason not to sport an SPF.

While the preference is personal, we opt for a broad-spectrum SPF and repeat the application every 2 hours. A minimum of 30+spf should be used, and why not opt for a hat and some sunglasses while you’re at it?

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Stay tuned as we track the latest beauty trends this spring. Next up we explore the new powder beauty products.