Cannabis Infused Ice Cream? Yes Please

Okay, we know know how to decarboxylate our weed and how to infuse all of the cooking oils and fats. Next, we need to learn how to infuse dairy.

When infusing dairy, just make sure it’s, at the very least, full fat. Remember, THC needs fat to bind to so no skim milk here.

You can infuse cream to use in puddings, creme caramel, ice cream and other dairy based desserts.

If you choose to make infused whipped cream, I would make the infusion very weak. Each person is only getting a trace of THC and if using in a dessert, take careful care with your math. Make sure that each serving stays to a reasonable THC level. As with decarbing and infusing the oil, we are once again using sous vide. If you don’t have a sous vide, you can simmer in a pot of water, maintaining a 185F water bath like  if you were canning. Use a trivet in the pot so the glass jars don’t actually touch the bottom.

Canna Cream/Milk

1 cup heavy cream or full fat milk

1 or more grams decarbed cannabis

Pour whipping cream into a glass canning jar of a suitable size. Add the cannabis, give it a good shake, close the lid finger tight.

Heat your water bath to 185F and when it comes to temperature, add the jar of cream. Let infuse for 4 hours. When the time is up, line a small strainer with cheese cloth and strain the cream into a clean jar or bowl, discarding the cannabis.

If you are making milk to use in tea or coffee, you can use right away. If you are making whipped cream or using the milk/cream in a recipe, chill until cold before using.

Infused Dulce de Leche

1 can of sweetened condensed milk

1gr or more or decarbed cannabis

Open the can and pour the sweetened condensed milk into a jar. Add in the cannabis and turn the lid til finger tight.

Heat the water bath to 185F and when it comes to temperature, lower the jar of condensed milk into the water. I usually infuse for about 6 hours to get a nice, deep caramel colour but you can also go further – the longer it infuses, the darker and thicker your dulce de leche will become.

When the time is up, line a small strainer with cheese cloth and strain the caramel into a clean jar, discarding the cannabis.

This will be very potent so , again, use the calculator, do your math and just dab a little bit on dessert, throw in your coffee or just lick the spoon!

Okay, a bit of math :

There are approx 60 tsp in a 300ml can of condensed milk and 20 tbls
That means that a 300ml can of condensed milk infused with 1 gram of weed at 20 to 22% THC will give you approx 200-220 mg of THC in your infusion
That means that it’s 3.27mg of THC per tsp or 10mg of THC per tbls of dulce de leche. If you want it to be weaker, use less cannabis or more condensed milk. If you want it stronger, use more cannabis. The higher the ratio of cannabis to milk, the stronger the flavour will be in your finished dulce de leche.  This is the one time that I don’t want that so I tend to make a weaker batch so it tastes less skunky. That way, I can use more per serving. I often do an infusion of 0.5 gram in a can of condensed milk so that I get only about 1.5mg of THC per tsp .I can use a whole tablespoon for just under 5mg of THC, which is my average dose per dish.

Now that we all know how to infuse oil and dairy, we can move on to recipe ideas that will utilize our infusions and elevate our cooking. Stay tuned!