I’ve never been on any sort of “diet” in my life. Until I met the Gina Livy Method. I’ve always believed that I ate relatively healthy and treats were never off the table. Then over a year ago, I had heard of a few friends talking about the Gina Livy Method and I was curious.

One friend had been following the program for a year and had lost 30 lbs. She said it wasn’t that difficult to follow and once you’ve understood how the program worked then it becomes second nature. She had tried several diets and none stuck… until this one.

Another friend said she had never been on a diet but felt like her clothes just simply didn’t fit the way they used to. That mid-range tummy tire caught up to her just like many of us.

I admitted that this was my area of concern as well. The rest of me I was comfortable with. Okay, I’d be cool with losing some of that face chub. But honestly, I’m generally cool about this 55+ body of mine.

But what they also mentioned was that this wasn’t a “diet program” per se. They referred to it as a lifestyle overhaul. They looked at food differently.


This isn’t like any other weightless or diet program that I’ve seen. The Gina Livy Method was created by yes, Gina Livy (and Canadian!). Gina has spent over 30 years researching and developing the Livy Method, by helping thousands of people lose weight in a healthy sustainable way.  But it’s not just that, what I discovered was that her method is backed by science. It’s also about understanding our relationship and behaviour with food.

immunity boosting vegetables, Gina Livy Method

It’s not all veggies, we promise

So, I signed up exactly a year ago. In January 2023, I committed to paying $75 for a three-month kick-start to the new year. There was no other commitment financially unless you wanted to purchase the hard copy guide on Amazon which was $25. I bought it because I felt like I needed a reference and I wasn’t sure what my learning style would be. I didn’t need it.

What the $75 included:

The three-month program included an accompanying companion app. It also included access to Gina’s (yes, she’s an actual person) daily check-ins – including quick daily tips, Facebook live group check-ins, and guest podcasts. There are even recipes – and they are delicious!

The app became my trusted tool to keep me on track. This was where you could keep track of your daily intake, sleep quality, weight, and thoughts. It also had direct access to the daily check-ins. I found the app the key to keeping me accountable.

My commitment:

Daily check-in that guided me on water and food intake. A daily check-in with Gina’s notes and Facebook lives.

That was it.  It was pretty easy for me.

I’m not interested in tracking calories and measuring out food. I need easy and simple instructions. There, I said it. I had followed the program for three months solid and lost 15 lbs. I was impressed with myself. I found the program simple to follow.

What’s the food like?

Shockingly it was pretty straightforward and nothing that required me to buy anything unusual. Yes, I had upped my veggies, greens, and water intake — oh, by the way, coffee is totally fine. And her method isn’t about telling you exactly measured out quantities of what you should eat. This is about MINDFUL consumption and listening to your body.

There was NO calorie counting and no weighing of food. Yes, you read that right. And eating is about keeping consistent in a timely manner as well.

This program is designed to teach your body how to let go of fat and trust that you are feeding yourself nutrient-dense food. If you’re like me and for years have wondered how to get rid of that stubborn tummy fat this will be an eye-opener.

salad, Gina Livy Method

Photo by Gunel Najafzade on Unsplash

Some important learnings:

SELF-SABOTAGE is a thing. I didn’t realize what that truly meant until I joined this program. I had started hearing it from friends who wanted to join but had excuses. I’ll be honest, I had doubts in myself at the beginning as well. I was telling myself…

“Oh, my life is so busy I don’t have time to do this now.”

“I have to walk the dog for a long time, I can’t drink that much water!”

“I can’t stick to this program because I can’t give up rice.”

My SUGAR INTAKE was off the charts and I didn’t realize it was. Yes, I love my candies, chocolate, and sugary pop drinks. I was addicted to Coca-Cola. But trusting Gina Livy’s methodology naturally weened me off of sugar. I’m not saying I have totally cut it out but I’ve significantly reduced my intake.

The bonus side of this is that I’ve noticed the belly fat has gone down, my skin is much better, I have more energy and I don’t crave sugar sweets like I used to. How do I know, well, after the past few weeks of holiday baking and parties it’s all slowly creeping back. But I’ve eased back on track. Another shocker is that the weight is dropping in the past few days of intentionally returning to Gina Livy’s Method.

A big rethinking for me on this program is to not look at sugary stuff or desserts as rewards or treats.  Gina mentioned that if you want a piece of chocolate…just have the fucking piece of chocolate and don’t look at it as some kind of prize. Just do it in moderation and choose better quality. Then move on.

Fluid Intake:

There’s no denying that there is a lot of water consumed but when she explains it, everything makes total sense. I start each day with a cup of boiled (but warm) water with lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar. It has made a big difference and I haven’t gone a day without starting with a glass of water – even on vacation.

Since I work mostly from home, it’s easy enough to keep drinking water all day long. I have friends on the program who have those big bubba jugs that keep them on track. Whatever works. You just want to keep that water going.

As mentioned, coffee and tea are both fine to consume. I drink black coffee or tea and probably have between 1 to 3 cups a day on top of the water.

As for alcohol? Sorry, that doesn’t count. In fact, for every glass of wine, beer or cocktail you’ll have to tack on an additional glass of water. For me, that wasn’t a challenge since I’m not much of a drinker to begin with.

What about exercise?

This was another revelation. Obviously, if you’re used to working out then, that’s great. Keep going! We all need to keep moving our bodies for our overall health and wellness. Walking counts! Fresh air is amazing! But if you’re not someone who’s done HIIT or any strength training, then this isn’t necessarily the time to start. Why? If your goal is to lose weight, then building muscle, while great, can also be misread as weight gain. Then, you’ll only get frustrated. One thing at a time. Get a handle on eating right and then add in new exercises.

Cardio for sure helps. When I started Gina Livy I didn’t do anything other than walk the dog. But in March I discovered boxing at Rumble, a Canadian boxing studio that had just opened in Toronto. They called it “fight club meets night club” as we box in the dark to loud music. lol It’s about cardio and strength and it definitely helped move the scale faster. I’m still going! My boxing experience will be in a separate post coming up soon.

But know this… Gina truly sets you up for success if you’re committed to making a change for good.

mean girls meme,Gina Livy Method

Gina Livy Method Let’s Gooooo!

Living with the Gina Livy Method Long Term:

I’ve been on the Gina Livy Method for a year now. What I discovered was that even if I have a blip for a couple of weeks of not adhering to the recommendations, my body now feels it. Hey, those Pasteis de Natas are addictive in Portugal! But I don’t kick myself for a few missteps along the way though because my body has shown me that once I get back on that saddle the weight comes right off. I tell friends it’s that “I can do it” attitude that keeps me going.

Perfect example, the holiday season, like I said was full of cookies, candies, chocolates and fatty foods. And a little drinking. Hard to say no when your hosts are shoving food onto your plate waiting for your response to their very proud cooking and baking endeavours. I gained 8 lbs.

This week, I’ve been mindful of getting back on track with Gina’s program and I’ve lost 3 lbs already. It’s falling off each day and I knew that would happen. I know I’ve been extreme in eating all the sweets lately but I also know that it was temporary. I also know that I feel so much better overall.

And this is the key…this program is not just about losing weight but losing it “finally and forever”.

I’m going to sign up for another round of the program and aim to lose another 10-15 this round.  I know what to do.

What should you know about the Gina Livy Method?

The program runs for three months. The next one starts on January 8. So, yes, you need to sign up before it begins (www.ginalivy.com) You cannot start at midpoint because there are steps to follow and you need to trust the process.

It wasn’t difficult for me to follow and many of my friends have joined in over the past year. I can’t speak for them and their experiences but I know the majority were able to follow along easily with the same, if not better, results.

Step one is not to self-sabotage and to believe that you can do it. When those negative thoughts come into your mind, you’ll need to squash them and prove to yourself that you can do this.

It’s really important at the beginning to follow along with the check-ins, Facebook groups, and guides. The podcast series also offers amazing insight and additional information to help enhance your experience. Yes, some of the stuff becomes repetitive but stick through it all as it the tips become routine and very helpful.

After my third sign-up, I was able to just check into the podcasts and daily guides for refreshers and some words of encouragement to keep going.

It’s a very supportive group and Gina herself is very hands-on in the process. And she’s hilarious.

This program has been followed by thousands globally by adult women and men of all ages. Even those with diabetes, menopause etc. It’s pretty interesting to learn about how their lives have been impacted as well.

If you’re looking to jumpstart 2024 in a positive way that will offer healthy changes to your lifestyle.

BTW…this is purely my experience. Gina didn’t pay me (I wish!) There’s no sponsored partnership here. I firmly believe in her method and because I keep getting asked about it, I thought I’d just put it all here so I can just refer people to this to help answer the questions I keep getting. LOL.

Have you tried? What’s your experience?