Remember that saying “get your beauty sleep”? We’ve learned over the years about how important sleep is for us — not only to drift into dreamland but when we rest it’s the time when our bodies recover and rest. The same goes for our skin. We know what we look like if we don’t get enough sleep. Duller skin and bags under our eyes are common.  That’s why some of the most potent and results-driven serums and creams are recommended to use at bedtime.

Our skin cells grow and repair while we sleep so it’s the best time to add those nutrients. This is also the time to use products like retinol or glycolic products for optimum benefits but check if that’s right for you! Also, most of us won’t have any sun exposure at night time. Sun is known to react with retinol or glycolic ingredients which can cause skin irritation and damage. FYI use sunscreen during the day!

Our face also isn’t producing as much sebum at night which is like a protective layer for the skin. So our skin tends to be drier when we are sleeping – more conducive to absorbing anything you put on there.

Recently, Vivier Skincare introduced Vivier Derma-V a nightly repair cream that’s loaded with prebiotics and antioxidants. If you have sensitive skin like I do, then you might be interested in adding this to your skincare regime.

DERMA-V is loaded with 5 skin-repairing ingredients to help with skin health and hydration.

Prebiotics: repairs and strengthen skin. They help with balancing out the skin’s microbiome (our skin and bodies comprise of microorganisms that help keep us healthy – bacteria, cells, fungi, and yes, viruses, that all need to be kept in check and balance.)

Antioxidants: to protect and correct signs of aging skin

Hydration Boosters: help to combat dry skin for smoother skin and more radiance.

Repairing Boosters: gives a healthier appearance

Peptides: help maintain the skin’s strength and elasticity (both Iva and I are huge fans of adding peptides!)

It’s suitable for all skin types. I have sensitive skin and react easily to many lotions and creams. Since I had learned that Vivier DERMA-V is also great for post-medispa treatments, I thought it would be something worth trying since I often work in such treatments as peels to help with my skin’s discolouration (melasma). It’s reportedly good for people who also have other skin conditions including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, and prone to break-outs.

It’s also considered a barrier cream that will be something worth adding to your skincare especially for those of us who live in climates that are swing cold and/or dry.

Note: if you’re using any type of serums, apply the Derma-V after as the last step.