Serums are not a buzzy new beauty product. Facials and at-home spa enthusiasts have long sung the praises of these one-step skin balancers. And while some can run hundreds of dollars for the tiniest potions, it won’t matter if you’re not using them properly.

But who has time for a 10 step routine? We’ve banished that process and restricted our workflow into only the easiest, most streamlined approach.

Refreshed and revived skin awaits!


Clean skin matters, don’t bother using serums if your face is clogged with dirt, pollution and whatever lurks on your pillow cases. A fresh face ensures skin is ready to accept and retain whatever product you deploy next.

While some skin may benefit from a double-wash, a single cleanse should be enough to take off makeup and more. (Looking for a new favourite cleanser? We have rounded up our favourites here).

Next, a mist of toner to cap off the cleanse and ensure pores are pristine for the next step.


Now that your face is clean, it’s time to get a little introspective. Serums are perfectly safe and formulated for daily use. But, considering your skin’s delicate changes and seasonal shifts it’s wise to have a few options to treat and tame.

Assess your skin. Is it dry? Red? Oily? There’s a serum for just about every skin condition, but choosing the right one to use when is just as important.

Thicker serums, like rose hip oil formulas take slightly longer than hyaluronic acid and thinner serums which are lighter and absorb easier. Either way, the process is the same. Gently pat (do not rub) onto skin in each section of your face, focusing on the areas that need the most attention.

Don’t neglect oily trouble areas either. Skin should be treated universally, so ensure each pore gets a gentle tap of your chosen serum. Wait 30-60 seconds before adding your moisturizer.

skinrepublic serum
Skin Republic makes a stellar line of serums


From anti-ageing to acne, there’s a serum in store for you, and you don’t need to spend big bucks either.

🍊 Antioxidant-rich Vitamin C serums revitalize skin and uneven textures. Look for L-ascorbic-acid, it’s more effective than basic vitamin C formulas. We love FirstBase for the luscious scent and beautiful feel, and the double dose treatment brings Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid.

firstbase skincare double dose serum
We could drink this but we won’t! Canadian made firstbase skincare

⏰ Retinol offers powerful anti-acne ingredients to unclog pores and restore skin to a youthful image. Acting as an exfoliant, Retinol boosts collagen production which can help skin appear plump and less wrinkly.

💦 Use Hyaluronic Acid if you have dry skin. Super lightweight this potent moisturizing serum is a safe first step for all skin and acts as a bridge to the foundation of hydration.
Vitamin E, rose hip oil, and camellia also hydrate your skin without clogging your pores.

skin republic serums
Priced right at Shoppers Drug Mart

⚓ La Mer The Concentrate is known for their luxurious and super expensive skin elixir. It absorbs quickly to deliver a chemical-free potion of for sea-scented spa experience. After, layer with their best-in-show moisturizer for a truly noticeable experience. Also, it’s a bit of a budget-stretch, but if you can swing it, the world is your oyster.

La Mer is an (unaffordable) luxury


Between shopping at drug stores, beauty counters and dedicated shops like Sephora its easy to become overwhelmed at the options. By narrowing down your needs you can keep stock of your serums and avoid the costly trips to the spa to keep skin pristine.

During seasonal weather changes, stress and hormone fluctuations, it’s no surprise when skin shows our weak side. Besides, you can’t turn back time, so put your best face forward.

Before you blast off shopping, scope out our summer skincare recommendations.